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 Dublin illegal gambling goes through amusement establishments

Dublin illegal gambling goes through amusement establishments
Published: 2018-06-28

According to Revenue’s definitions, an amusement machine is one that allows players to win “no more than an opportunity to play again” or “to obtain a non-monetary prize” the value of which does not exceed €7.

Once this has been said, various properties in the Dublin city center feature casino-style gaming machines, although are supposed to be amusement site and gambling type machines are banned from being featured in the city.

However, in Dublin there are three proved establishment where this happens Dr Quirkey´s on O’Connell Street, Empire Amusements on Burgh Quay and Amusement City on Westmoreland Street.

The establishments had found a way to converted into a gambling facility with casino-style games such as video poker, roulette, and blackjack their facilities. Also, there were no age checks at the property to ensure that underage customers are prevented from playing the casino-style games featured there (READ SO: GAMBLING IN IRELAND PREPARING A RENOVATION IN THE LAW)

However, the Dr Quirkey´s is owned by one of the richest man from Ireland, Richard Quirke (pictured), he operates casinos with licenses from Ireland’s Revenue (Revenue Commissioners) that are actually only applicable to amusement machines.


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One of the biggest match-fixing schemes ever seen 

Dublin illegal gambling goes through amusement establishments

The tennis world is in turmoil after the recent discovery by the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) that shed light on "one of the biggest match-fixing schemes ever seen" in the sport and resulted in the disqualification of six Spanish tennis players and one player from Kyrgyzstan.


The list of Spanish players "expelled from the sport" includes: Marc Fornell, Jorge Marsé, who was 562nd in the ATP ranking, and unranked players Carlos Ortega, Jaime Ortega, Marcos Torralbo and Pedro Bernabé Franco. Finally, the 32-year-old Kyrgyz player, Ksenia Palkina, is included.


During the trial held this past Wednesday at the Audiencia Nacional, those involved had already acknowledged the facts. "The six players were sentenced in Spain as part of a wider case related to organized crime, which is continuing," the ITIA said.


The heaviest punishment fell on Marc Fornell, who was ranked 236th in the ATP rankings and was banned from tennis for 22 years and six months, in addition to being fined USD250,000, with USD200,000 suspended.


For his part, Marsé will not be able to play tennis for 15 years and will be fined USD15,000, with a USD5,000 suspension. Carlos Ortega, Bernabé Franco and Tarralbo received the same amount of years, although with different fines. In turn, Jaime Ortega was sanctioned with 7 years and six months of suspension from tennis, plus the fine of USD100,000, with USD90,000 of suspension.


All players pleaded guilty to corruption charges in Spain, resulting in criminal convictions. They were all sentenced to two years suspended prison terms.


"Following the conclusion of the criminal cases, the ITIA has been able to sanction the players and has imposed both long-term bans and financial penalties," said the independent body, which was set up by tennis' governing bodies to "promote, encourage, enhance and safeguard the integrity of professional tennis worldwide."


The sanctions involve a ban from playing in or attending any tennis tournament sanctioned or sanctioned by any international tennis governing body or national federation. They will also be barred from coaching in the professional sport.


Jennie Price, president of the ITIA, stated, "The conclusion of this lengthy investigation is an important moment for tennis in its fight against corruption. While we are not pleased to see six individuals receive criminal convictions and disqualifications, the message is clear: match-fixing can lead to a jail sentence and can end a career in tennis."


"It also serves as a warning that organized crime is targeting sport, and governments and law enforcement, as well as anti-corruption bodies in sport, need to take that threat seriously," added the organization's president.


For his part, Jonny Gray, director general of the ITIA, said it was "one of the most significant infiltrations we have seen in tennis by organized crime".


Gray added: "I must pay tribute to our investigations, intelligence and legal teams who have worked tirelessly over the last five years to bring this case to its conclusion."


The verdicts mark the end of a five-year process in which the ITIA, Spanish law enforcement and the betting industry, through the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA), have collaborated.


The manipulation of results, with players receiving money for voluntarily losing a match, allows bettors to win large sums of money, often using side tournaments.


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National framework for legalized betting on Uzbekistan 

Dublin illegal gambling goes through amusement establishments

Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the president of Uzbekistan, has reportedly rowed back on supporting a decree that would create a national framework for legalized betting in the country. Local media say he no longer backs the move to establish federal legislation for sportsbooks and sweepstakes.


Mirziyoyev, who leads the O’ZLIDEP party, had said back in 2019 that he would support a party promise to legalize sports betting under strict government controls after consultation with Muslim leaders.


The idea was to launch the market this year and for tax revenues from sector to fund the advancement of the professional football league in Uzbekistan in a bid to qualify for a World Cup for the first time.


Full details of the plans were never made public, but it was reported that the party planned to create legal betting areas in the city of Muynak in the north, with betting shops permitted in specified resorts and shopping centers


However, the office of the president has now advised media that the decree no longer stands and that the government now intends to launch a campaign against the unlicensed gambling market.


The move comes after both Armenia and Georgia signalled tougher stances on gambling. The Armenian parliament is debating a bill presented by the ruling Civil Contract bloc that would ban gambling with cash, including through payment terminals. Meanwhile, Georgia.


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List of countries who must stricter gambling operators’ norms on CE  

Dublin illegal gambling goes through amusement establishments

The European Commission has updated its list of high-risk countries whose citizens must subject to stricter checks by gambling operators. New additions on the list include Morocco, Myanmar, the Philippines and Senegal.


The executive branch of the European Union first published its list in 2016 under EU Directive 2015/849, Article 9 which has since been updated several times. It identifies high-risk countries that have deficiencies in their approaches to countering anti-money laundering and terrorism financing according to criteria defined by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).


Gambling operators based in the European Union that offer services to countries on the list, or have customers from those counties, must carry out tighter checks. The new countries added to the list are Burkina Faso, the Cayman Islands, Haiti, Jordan, Malo, Morocco, Myanmar, the Philippines, Senegal and South Sudan.


Already on the list were Afghanistan, Barbados, Cambodia, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Iran, Jamaica, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Vanuatu, Yemen and Zimbabwe.


When adding countries to the list, the EC identifies their risk profile and level of threat and analyses the local legal framework and its application in eight areas. This includes the criminalization of money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism, customer due diligence requirements, record keeping and reporting of suspicious financial transactions. It also evaluates the procedures and sanctions imposed in the case of breaches.


In March, the FATF decided to keep Malta on its grey list of untrustworthy jurisdictions. However, it has suggested that the country is close to coming off the list.


It recognized that Malta had made significant reforms through its action plan after it was grey listed last year and had increased its use of the Financial Intelligence Unit’s (FIU) services to pursue money laundering and criminal tax cases.


However, the body said that an on-site review would be needed to ensure the AML measures were being implemented before Malta could be removed from the grey list.


Meanwhile, several jurisdictions have warned operators to step up checks in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Both the Malta Gaming Authority and Britain’s Gambling Commission warned operators to ensure they apply checks to comply with sanctions against Russia following its invasion of its neighbor.


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Allegedly mafia-run operation in Salerno 

Dublin illegal gambling goes through amusement establishments

Mercato San Severino, in the southern Italian city of Salerno, was the base of an alleged criminal consortium running illegal online betting, according to prosecutors.


They claim an organised mafia group run by the Casalesi clan (Venosa-Schiavone faction) was behind the operation.


Prosecutors claim that an investigation led by the carabinieri of the Salerno investigative unit found that the operation had made €5m in two years. Some 33 precautionary orders were issued in January.


Now prosecutors Giancarlo Russo and Francesca Fittipaldi of the Naples DDA is considering possible indictments against 71 people on charges ranging from criminal association aimed at illegal gaming and betting to fictitious registration of assets, money laundering and reuse of money from the proceeds of crime in economic activities.


Four months ago, military seized the assets of 11 websites and two companies with registered offices in Mercato San Severino, sealing assets worth €3m. The criminal organisation is said to have made use of an electronic management and administration system conceived in the early 2000s and later enhanced to serve a gaming community of several million users located all over the world.


The organizers used websites with .com and .eu domains without the approval of the Italian regulator, the Customs and Monopolies Agency, ADM, which regulates gambling. The servers were physically located in tax havens such as Panama and the island of Curacao.


In February, Italy’s Ministry of Economy and Finance drafted a preliminary reorganization plan to revamp market safeguards in Italy’s betting market. It came as operators continued to wait for a definitive answer from the Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM) on license expirations.


The plan mentions reducing stake and win limits, but does not go into detail on the amounts or what verticals they would apply to. It also wants to impose a central player registry with which all problem-gambling self-exclusion schemes and licensed operators must integrate


Meanwhile, Italy’s undersecretary for sports Valentina Vezzali is currently seeking to convince the country’s fiscal ministries of her proposal for a permanent 1 per cent tax on sport betting revenue.


It’s claimed that a 1 per cent tax on betting revenue would give the treasury an additional €160m in betting duties on top of the €500m it collects through fixed duties of 18 per cent for retail and 22 per cent for online.

Not a single slot machine at the London fair, why? 

Dublin illegal gambling goes through amusement establishments

The traditional London exhibition reopened in person after a 26-month absence forced by the pandemic, and we were there. On our arrival, without having to wait long there were people everywhere, which showed us how much people were looking forward to ICE LONDON 2022 to meet again and see the advances in technology in the industry.



We were among more than 30,000 attendees who discovered the latest in gambling innovation across all sectors from 450 of the industry's most cutting-edge suppliers from 54 different countries.




However, we must say that this was a different edition of the fair, with a different vision, among those hundreds of suppliers we were able to see only 6 slot machines in the whole fair.


And that reduced exhibition of slot machines was to present advances in their online system, specifically multilevel progressives applying it to multiple games within the same machine. This seeks to impact the player's tendency to play more jackpot machines, which is becoming more frequent and wider.




This year, the organizers of the fair had to resort to a series of measures that will help them to economically secure next year's fair, since after two years of not being held, many of the traditional exhibitors did not invest in ostentatious stands or even did not buy space to set up their booth. Therefore, the measures included a price freeze for 2023, discounts on technology-related aspects of the show, elimination of various historical charges that have been applied to the construction of two-story stands, and the formation of an internal working group, aimed at helping to get the best rates in London hotels.


These measures seek to mitigate the impact that the pandemic has had on the fair, as this year there were many empty spaces due to the lack of attendees who wanted to exhibit their products, something that is not common in this world-class event. These were adapted as meeting spaces for the sector's actors.




Even half of the pavilion that could not be used as an exhibition space due to lack of attendees, had to be adapted as a space where people could safely store their belongings.



The trade show for this year was dominated by a myriad of payment methods including many cryptocurrency payment possibilities. And online gambling, such as sports betting, online casinos, among others.





In addition, there was a special space for eSports, which are increasingly taking up more and more space in the industry. With live competitions throughout the course of the fair and some panels while the competition was held in parallel.


Startups a new bet



Globally, investment in emerging markets has increased exponentially, especially in high potential companies, well known as Startups. And ICE LONDON was no exception. Fourteen entrepreneurs from all corners of the gambling industry will share their ideas with potential investors and partners at Pitch ICE, a unique space for entrepreneurs. These were chosen after passing a series of filters and competitions prior to the fair, a space that increasingly makes more sense to encourage constant innovation within the industry to create competent casinos and gambling establishments for the player.



This year, the finalists not only had the opportunity to stand on the podium, but also had their own booths to meet with the industry during the three-day event.


What happened to slot machines and why did they go out of business?



As a consequence of the Brexit, the laws between the countries of the European Union and the United Kingdom, which previously allowed a greater free movement of both people and economy, made temporary imports for the ICE London 2022 fair very complicated, with very high taxes to import and export the product for the temporality of the 3 days of the fair. To this, we must add the global logistics crisis caused by the pandemic of COVID-19 and reason for many cost overruns in various industries around the world.


For this reason, the manufacturers of slot machines did not see viable the presentation of slot machines in the fair, since these temporary imports charge taxes according to the value of the article and as it is well known they are elements of game of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of Euros. Making the temporary importation of slot machines unfeasible for the companies.


The companies have been in a process of financial recovery and this is reflected in the sector, through this type of behavior where, like Mundo, Mundo Video Corp. has not participated in any fair in the region for a long time, focusing their efforts on incorporating technology that will propel the industry to the next level.


At the end of our coverage of the fair, we were invited to experience the Bustronome, a unique tour in the world, a luxury restaurant bus. Where we enjoyed touring the great city of London in a bus suitable for passengers to eat comfortably. A 360° panoramic view perfect for taking pictures from the table and the aisles; passing in front of the most important monuments of the city, while enjoying a wonderful lunch.






In this way, the fair said goodbye to all the attendees until next year accompanied by an imposing moon at sunset... Can you find it?


For now it is whispered that the fair will move to Holland in 2023 due to the same conditions that the Brexit imposes on the exhibitors of the fair, however, the organizers have not yet confirmed anything.



Here there are the best images of the fair.


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