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 GLI starts certification of street machines in Colombia

GLI starts certification of street machines in Colombia
Published: 2016-11-24

The GLI lab was the first to announce and offer their services for those interested in operating this type of market.


in a statement the laboratory reports:


This Notice of Gaming Laboratories International, LLC (GLI) is intended to inform suppliers from the New Technical Standard for "electronic slot machines that operate premises whose business may be different from JSA".


This standard was published by the "Industrial and Commercial Company of State Administrative Monopoly of Gambling industry” (COLJUEGOS) by the resolution 2016000006944.


Currently, GLI is accepting applications testing / certification from "electronic slot machines that operate premises whose business may be different from JSA" to the jurisdiction of Colombia to the fulfillment of the published technical standards.


Among other items contained in this document they are:

Operators are allowed to install up to 3 machines for the local and a maximum total of 500 in all the locals which are licensed

A maximum of 18,500 machines will be allowed across the country, meaning that once the maximum number of licenses has been granted, Coljuegos will not issue more

The maximum bet is 500 Colombian pesos and there are top prizes permitted by the machine and the progressive.

The technical requirements include hardware and software. These machines must be connected to a Monitoring and Control System, which must report the required data to the Coljuegos data center.

Cash is not permitted for operation and payment awards of a gaming device

Percentage Return to Player is 82.50% minimum which includes Progressive Linked

The local requires the Sales Terminals with specific requirements for tickets.



GLI has made an informal English translation of these requirements. Translations are available upon request. Please note that these are unofficial translations of the above documents. Therefore it is imperative that manufacturers seek an official translation into legal counsel for interpretation purposes or to base your business decisions of this information.

If you have any questions or require further assistance regarding this issue, please contact the Director of Development for Latin America and the Caribbean, Marcela Karen Sierra-Hughes by phone at (702) 856-5865 (direct line), (732 ) 678-6723 (US cellular), (507) 6675-5255 (cell in Panama) or through your email:

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You can not leave without reading this news!

Sports bets in Colombia has grown 909% 

GLI starts certification of street machines in Colombia

In recent years, the participation of citizens in online betting platforms has increased significantly, figures from the sector indicate that in 2019 this activity moved bets around 5.4 billion pesos, through 2.8 million active accounts of players, which means a growth of 303% compared to 1.8 billion pesos registered in 2018.


The union highlights that the number of users grew by 900% in the last three years and it is currently estimated that there is a potential market of 10 million customers, most of them interested in betting around football matches.

Taking into account the boom that this business has had, the sector has been working hand in hand with the Ministry of Sports, Dimayor and Coljuegos, in order to structure some agreements that allow early alerts to be established in order to combat the possible size of matches in the country.


Companies also seek to hire specialized platforms to detect the possible size of matches in the country, since through online bets you can show alerts or suspicious acts.

The average bet of the users is 15 thousand Colombian pesos and the union affirms that the return obtained by the winners is close to 92% of their investment.

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Colombian Government revenue has increased 124% since Coljuegos is regulating the Gambling industry  

GLI starts certification of street machines in Colombia

Since Coljuegos debuts, the gambling industry in Colombia has accumulate 3.5 billion pesos in collection for exploitation rights in national gambling games (casinos, bingos, 'online' gambling, among others), which means an increase of 124 percent since 2012.


“Only in 2019, the collection amounted to $ 667,775 COP million, which translates into an increase of 16.2% compared to 2018 when the collection was $ 574,660 COP million; likewise, between December 2015 and 2019, the collection amounted to 75 percent”.
As the president of Coljuegos, Juan B. Pérez Hidalgo recently stated

When the breakdown by type of game is done, the localized games (casinos and bingos) continue being the great contributors when contributing last year with a 57 percent of the collection by rights of exploitation, that is equivalent to 382.182 million pesos.


They are followed by the Super Astro, with a 14 percent contribution of 91,042 million pesos and the Baloto and Revancha with a 12 percent equivalent to 83,390 million pesos, during the term of 2019. They also made an important contribution to the health of the Colombians 'online' gambling that contributed 10 percent of the total with a collection of 68,480 million pesos.

According to Pérez Hidalgo, the behaviour of the collection for exploitation rights of each of the gambling industry was positive. “The localized games, for example, grew 11 percent in revenue in the last year, going from $ 345,793 million in 2018 to $ 382,182 million in 2019, in a scenario in which we have subscribed, with 2,752 establishments operating throughout the country and 88,546 slot machines available, ”he said.

A similar result was obtained in the Baloto y Revancha game in terms of collection for exploitation rights at the end of 2019, when it grew 12 percent to $ 83,390 million; In 2018 it had concluded at $ 76,483 million pesos.


"We must remember that currently the highest accumulated in history is presented in Revancha with an amount of 45,300 million pesos," added the President of Coljuegos who also recalled that last year the accumulated Baloto fell in Cali with a prize of 69,500 million pesos.

For its part, the Super Astro game registered a 15 percent increase in the collection for exploitation rights, from a total of 78.983 million pesos in 2018 to 91.043 million pesos in 2019.

Gambling Machines homologation in Colombia has started now, at least it has deadlines  

GLI starts certification of street machines in Colombia

This Monday, December 30, by the presidency of the Colombian Republic, it was published the addition of article 'Graduality of Reliability' for the gambling sector, emphasizing in localized for the purposes of applying the rate provided in article 59 of Law 1955 was decreed of 2019 and article 56 of Decree Law 2106 of 2019.


Which stipulates 3 important elements in measure of time for the great change ahead for the industry that is the approval:

The first is that from January 1, 2020 Coljuegos has 6 months to structure the reliability requirements, which the slot machines must accomplish in order to enjoy the benefit of 12%. It is valid to highlight that for this process the regulatory entity will make citations to interested actors to attend to the socializations and technical tables where the points that, in principle, Coljuegos itself establishes will be discussed. Well, it has been at least the natural process in these changes until now.


As a second important point, the reliability graduality document establishes that once the first step mentioned above is completed, a period of two years will be given to revisit the operation of the stipulated requirements and reconnect the guidelines of these, if necessary.

Finally, the government also establishes that, to reach a reliability with international standards or homologation, which is really the center of this process, there will be a minimum of 10 years. In addition, for the first time the government has accompanied the process directly with guidelines in viable times, and the state's participation is expected to continue being active in this process, as it is a strong change for the industry.


As for the chronology of this, which has been a fairly continuous process, because it comes at a time where the legal charge of the 12% imposed on the PND by President Iván Duque was mainly pressed, as it was the respite that the operators were looking for in order to later be able to comply with the requirements that came from the regulatory entity and the government.

It is important to recall that ICONTEC will also be part of this, because a timid communiqué was published weeks ago giving a part for the recess that will take the Homologation process, and then another for the entry to the scene of ICONTEC, which will now bear the responsibility to get the project forward

However, it is of vital importance that ICONTEC will not be the Homologue because it does not have the expertise or the models and processes for this purpose; only an accompaniment with more authority in the creation of the standards will play.

Here it is the full document in Spanish

End of the year - the important thing- 

GLI starts certification of street machines in Colombia

In my time in this life I become increasingly convinced that the best gift is to serve and receive every action from the heart, at the end of the day what we receive is proportional to what we give.


There are few occasions when we inadvertently let custom impose itself on feeling, which sends the wrong message for not being honest and not expressing how we feel in an open way.


"It is author and is brought from far away, be very careful when you open it you can break it ... it's what hmm the kid gives him this year," the voice on the other side of the phone said with some anguish in a conversation I had yesterday about a gift I had been given.


To be honest I had to look for the answer very in the background and I could understand that the pressure of these dates made the Value of the Object prevail over the action itself; which gave rise to him sharing with you - who are from the house - this anecdote and from which I give some points:


  • Remember that others are a mirror where we surely see our own proceeding (clearly that's why I paid more attention to value, than to the action itself)
  • Let us thank the Universe for allowing us to be accounted for by other beings to pay homage to us, and whatever the present is, we must accept it from the heart.
  • Let us not try to see a background to a good deed, after all it is that: an action, and we are the ones who label it as good or bad as it suits us best.
  • Let's be honest with us themselves and express our feeling sendeanty in an open way, without bluntness without explanation, not everything has a why ... it just happens and that's it!


Over the years I have begun to understand that what is inside does not compare to what can be seen, and that the forms deceive but the essence does not.


It may not be the most convenient, but I liked to post this message and I hope that from it, you can take teaching, today I learned something too :


Reason See what's best for you,pride gagous, Heart See the important


On behalf of the entire Mundo Video Corp team and on my own, in this and as at any time of the year, I thank you for trusting us from the heart.


Happy Life!


German +


Coljuegos increased portfolio collection by 218% 

GLI starts certification of street machines in Colombia

From 2016 to 2019, Coljuegos has achieved an increase of 75% in the collection of rights to exploit the games of chance and luck, which is why the entity plans to close 2019, with revenues of 664.830 billion Colombian pesos.


This year the entity focused its efforts on three axes: greater collection of exploitation rights for the health of Colombians fighting against illegal gambling and institutional strengthening, which has allowed a total of 654,679 million to be transferred by the end of October. pesos growing by 14.1% compared to last year.


Of that money 377,246 million come from localized games which grew 11% in collections, representing 61% of the total revenue of the entity.


However, the initial total collection figure was distributed as follows for the cut-off date, October 2019.



The entity saw an increase in portfolio collection by 218%, compared to last year. Well, it went from 1,831 million pesos to 5,817 million pesos. Finally, Coljuegos with 219 control actions withdrew 4,332 elements of luck and chance games that operated illegally throughout the country, achieving a growth of 14.8% compared to the same period last year in the localized gaming sector. In addition to blocking more than 2,000 pages of illegal online betting.

GLI starts certification of street machines in Colombia
The GLI lab was the first to announce and offer their services for those interested in ope...
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