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Colombian Minicasinos, Coljuegos must listen
We are between the uncertainty and the despair of starting our business again, the guilds as well as Mundo Video –as far as I know - were concerned with drafting the Bio-security protocol to present it to Coljuegos and there is still no news of either one or the other. Already our cash flow -at least that of my company- can not bear and I have had to suspend contracts and every day I wake up thinking about where I am going to get money for the day it is authorized to open so I can buy and have everything necessary to be able to do it in the 4 rooms I have. There are many expenses that we are going to incur: thermometers, the separating barriers, the notices, the masks for the clients ... I don't know how to do it. In addition to all this, the casinos and gambling halls are going to be able to operate with a certain percentage of the occupancy, which means that if I have 50 machines in a premises or I am going to be able to turn them all on and that will It gives the idea that it is very simple: What if Coljuegos authorizes that rooms with fewer machines than the current limit can be opened, no matter if it is in the city or not, regardless of the number of inhabitants, so that we can use Slots that cannot be operated due to capacity. Many are the premises that are taking care of businesses of any nature that we could occupy; the Government has empowered mayors to make decisions autonomously and among them may be to allow Casinos and Gambling halls to operate without favourable prior concept. It seems to me that this may be another way out so that when we can open, we will continue generating income. Since the state does not lend us money or support us as a sector unless they give us opportunity as they are doing with the sports bets that became casinos and now they are taking away the players

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