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 PokerStars leave Colombian market

PokerStars leave Colombian market
Published: 2017-07-20

PokerStars quietly quieted the newly regulated Colombian market after online gambling regulator Coljuegos last week blocked the top of a list of 325 unlicensed online gambling operators.


PokerStars was one of the high-profile names mentioned on the blacklist, which was made public by Coljuegos in March. And it was at the end of June when Coljuegos issued the first license for the provision of online services; Local operator Aquila Global Group and its sports betting site became the first to receive the necessary approval to operate in Colombia's newly regulated gambling environment. (READ HERE: POKERSTARS THREATENS IN LATIN AMERICA)

In his message to Colombian players, PokerStars explained that he was leaving the market due to the new regulatory regime and the fact that he was not licensed to operate legally in the country. However, the operator indicated that he was interested in obtaining such a license, which means that he can return to Colombia when he is given the necessary approval.

PokerStars leave Colombian market


"Dear Locoaiza, PokerStars will remove the option to play poker with real money to residents of Colombia as of Monday July 17 due to the license requirements in that country

PokerStars has debated, and will continue to debate, positively and proactively with Colombian government officials on this issue; We hope we can return to offer real money games in the future.

PokerStars wants to guarantee affected players that their funds are protected and available for withdrawal. Before making a withdrawal, remember to open the chests of stars rewards you have received so that they can be converted into the rewards included in those chests. We will also recommend that you spend your StarCoin balance at the rewards store; There you will find a cash refund of USD $ 1 in case you want to convert your StarsCoin into cash.

For more information about withdrawing real money games, including answers to any questions you may have, visit our FAQ page for all players who live in Colombia. No other service will be affected in all Latin America. "

It is important to remember with the outgoing country platform, about 47,168 registered users are left with no place to play of which on average 571 were active users of all events that the company PokerStars carried out and where real money was bet. Surely these users will move to other pages that work under an illegal framework filling these chests that do not drive the online gambling industry in Colombia.

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Nebraska calling poker a skill game 

PokerStars leave Colombian market

Recently, state senator Justin Wayne has introduced a bill that would classify poker, sports betting and fantasy sports as skill games.

The new bill named LB990 would then legalize these activities. Other forms of gambling are not permitted under the state’s law, but games of skill are – so it would allow for players in the state to enjoy them without breaking any laws.

“Sports betting and fantasy sports require knowledge and skill. Knowledge of a sport and skill in analyzing and predicting the performance of athletes and the outcomes of sporting events is essential for a participant in sports betting or fantasy sports to be successful.” Nebraska state senator Justin Wayne

Now that there is a poker computer program that can’t be beaten, the provides that skill is an important factor when playing poker.

Before all of this, the case could be made that novice players will never outplay experienced ones. The introduction of poker-playing bots has only strengthened the argument.

It will likely be a while before Nebraska’s lawmakers make a decision on whether or not poker will be classified as a game of skill. We’ll keep you updated as the situation progresses, as this could have very important implications on the state’s gaming laws. It may mean that poker, daily fantasy sports and sportsbetting will be legalized in the state, making for a huge change in Nebraska’s gaming market.

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WSOP 2020 at risk due to coronavirus 

PokerStars leave Colombian market

The 2020 Triton Super High Roller Series has been postponed until further notice due to the coronavirus outbreak, poker players were understandably concerned about the impact the disease might have on the 2020 World Series of Poker.

With six confirmed cases in the United States already, the WSOP organizers stated official comment.


"We’ve been monitoring the situation. We will continue to lean on the experts in this field for guidance. At this time, all our events and schedules remain intact and are planned to go on without interruption.”
said Seth Palansky, Vice President of Corporate Communications for the WSOP

However, the most exciting announcement came in the form of the $1,500 Mystery Bounty which takes place on June 28 at 11 a.m. where a guaranteed $1 million will be distributed in "mystery bounties."

Running as a typical bounty tournament, with each elimination worth $100, there will be a total of 100 mystery bounties ranging from $2,500 to $250,000.


Roughly one-third of the schedule remains to be seen, with all dates, times and events released so far subject to change, with individual event online pre-registration not open until March/April, by which time all events will be determined and approved by regulators.

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After almost 9 years of prosecutions the PokerStars founder Isai Scheinberg has turned himself in to the federal government of the United States 

PokerStars leave Colombian market

PokerStars founder Isai Scheinberg has turned himself in to the federal government of the United States after almost 9 years of being prosecuted for fraud, money laundering and illegal Gambling.

The 73 years old businessman negotiated his surrender from Switzerland, from where he flew to the United States to face the charges against him, reports.

Failure to comply with the Law on Illegal Compliance with Internet Gambling (UIGEA) adopted in 2006 by the Bush administration.

The company continued to operate in the American territory after that rule was approved. "Over time, there were companies such as partypoker that stopped operating in the United States and this allowed the red pica room to become the world leader to this day," although this means, "this decision did not come out. completely free since in 2011 what the whole community knows as 'Black Friday' took place and since then they have been persecuted by American justice. ”

Meanwhile, Isai's son, Mark Scheinberg, took the reins of the company from Black Friday, selling the company to the AMAYA GROUP three years later.

The same information indicates that, in an attempt to ingratiate himself with American justice, when the United States government confiscated the websites and funds of the main Poker Operators that continued with their activity in the United States, revealing that the main competitor PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, was insolvent and unable to pay players. With the objective of "time later, this allowed Scheinberg to work side by side with the US government to buy the American company and thus be able to return the money that many American players had lost."

A few months ago, during the stay in Switzerland, the US authorities issued an extradition request, which Scheinberg initially opposed, but finally on January 17 he took a flight to New York, where federal agents were waiting for him.

On the same day, the Israeli-Canadian was released on bail of one million dollars. For the rest, according to Olga Zverovich, the federal prosecutor in charge of the case, the two sides have been negotiating for a long time and an agreement has been reached even before the defendant stepped on American soil.

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Michigan the sixth state to legalize online poker 

PokerStars leave Colombian market

The new bill makes Michigan the sixth state to legalize online poker, following in the footsteps of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Nevada and West Virginia. The legalization became official over the Holidays, so prospective online poker rooms seeking to operate in Michigan have hardly had any time to prepare their bids. Due to the legalization of online poker in other states, many operators have already established themselves in the US, including Intertops, Bovada, SB Poker and Carbon Poker. It would not be surprising to see these enter Michigan as well.


players from New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware can already play against each other in the same player pool and is expected to continue expanding to other states.

Overall, the future for online poker in the United States looks bright once again. The online poker rooms are back, the players are embracing it and legislators have realized some of the positives of legalizing online poker – such as increased regulation and tax revenue. Chances are the 2020s will be much better for US online poker than the 2010s.

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PokerStars leave Colombian market

Tesla boss Elon Musk likes to stir the pot every once in a while. And a new Tesla over-the-air software update that will give Chinese users not one but two poker games could stir quite a big pot.


Tesla said earlier this month that it has partnered Chinese gaming giant Tencent to develop three games – including mahjong and two versions of poker – and to make those available to Chinese consumers through the popular Silicon Valley car maker’s infotainment system.


The update is set to be released sometime in the first quarter of 2020. It will also include two video-streaming channels from Alibaba-backed video hosting service provider Youku and cartoon-focused video-sharing website Bilibili.

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