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Most read of 2021 #5: Why the global chip shortage is a good sign for the world economy
They may seem like small fry but they make our world go around. Whether in Tesla cars, toasters or tumble dryers, computer chips are so integral to our daily lives that, without them, our world would grind to a halt. So it’s a worry as the world gears up for a faster recovery that global demand for semiconductor chips is outstripping supply. It could be symptomatic of a more widespread global supply-side shortage of key production goods, which might lead to increased prices and higher inflation. The OECD reports that inflation in the major economies rose to 2.4 per cent in March. Inflation is coming back, but it’s not the bogeyman that markets need to fear. Higher prices are a sign of economic vitality, of which the world has been in short supply since the Covid-19 crisis began. The pandemic may be far from over, but the combination of stronger recovery and inflation shows the global economy is returning to some semblance of normality. It’s not purely the pandemic which is to blame, although production dislocations due to lockdowns and factory shutdowns certainly haven’t helped. As companies around the world slashed production during the early phase of the coronavirus crisis last year, semiconductor manufacturers were forced to scale back output as well. Now, chip producers are playing catch-up, trying to keep pace with the surge in global demand for semiconductors as world economic activity bounces back. With the International Monetary Fund projecting that global growth will accelerate to 6 per cent this year after a 3.3 per cent contraction in 2020, it’s no surprise that the world semiconductor industry is facing volatile demand conditions, which could cause bottlenecks for key industries like carmakers, with their high consumption of chip components. Last week, German semiconductor manufacturer Infineon, a major supplier to carmakers, warned that up to 2.5 million cars might not be produced in the first half of 2021 due to ongoing supply chain shortages. With market conditions booming for autos and consumer electronics after such a long period of pent-up demand, chip producers are being forced to step up production, but it will take time to reach optimal capacity. The Semiconductor Industry Association reports that, worldwide, sales rose 3.6 per cent during the first quarter of 2021, an increase of 17.8 per cent over the past 12 months. Although chip output is being cranked up, companies like Ford are still warning that car production will be affected in some plants until the shortage is resolved. In the meantime, fine-tuning the balance between recovery and rising inflation expectations could prove challenging. There may be some short-term price distortions but global policymakers still need to err on the side of caution and keep monetary policy as loose as possible until the world fully recovers from the pandemic and sustainable growth is secured.   It wasn’t too long ago that policymakers were complaining that inflation was too low and that the global economy was in danger of slipping back into deflation, so the temptation to jump the gun and rush back into tightening should be avoided at all costs. As yet, there are no signs of either demand-pull or cost-push inflation surfacing. Global growth is bouncing back, but it is happening from an extremely weak, non-inflationary base. Right now, global recovery needs nurturing, not cutting off in its prime. US Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell is quite correct to give stronger growth the benefit of the doubt until there is a much more convincing case for higher rates. Global output gaps are still extremely negative, industrial capacity levels are slack and wage pressures remain low, given the fallout from the pandemic. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development estimates the global economy might currently be operating as much as 5.2 per cent below potential output levels, suggesting little or no inflation danger this year. China’s producer prices may have surged 4.4 per cent year on year in March, but inflation risks remain benign with the headline consumer price index extremely low, at 0.4 per cent. Base effects mean that the headline inflation rate will pick up in the coming months, but Beijing can afford to stay relaxed for now. Until the Fed signals that the time is ripe for tightening, the world can rest easy. No interest rate hikes in 2021 should be the equity market’s rallying cry.  
Macau: gambling concession period of up to 10 years that can be extended for a further three years in exceptional circumstances.
Macau’s Legislative Council has approved the first reading of the gambling law amendment bill with just one vote against it.   The amendment bill sets out a gambling concession period of up to 10 years that can be extended for a further three years in exceptional circumstances. There would remain up to six concessions, but the current sub-concession system would end.   The bill proposes that casino operators in Macau be given minimum annual casino gross gambling revenue (GGR) targets, which would be calculated based on the maximum number of gambling tables and gambling machines each gambling concessionaire is permitted to operate. The bill would allow junket operators to each provide services to only one casino operator.   Li Wei Nong, Macau’s Secretary for Economy and Finance, who attended the reading, said the entire process may not be completed before the six existing casino concessions expire on June 26. Authorities will consider extending existing licensees to the extent permitted by current gambling laws.   Eleven legislators raised questions about the draft law, in particular, about the proposed requirements for the link between satellite casino venues and gambling concessionaires, and the potential impact the measure could have on local employment. However, Li Wei Nong said the bill doesn’t want to “kill the gambling industry”.   No Copyright infringement intended. Video/Photo Unknown Direct for credits/issue or text us +57 3606412 ... | Respect to Photographers & Influencers  
Delaware hit good numbers in the revenue for 2021
Revenue for 2021 amounted to $10.6m, up from $8.4m in the previous 12 months and a new annual record for the state. Another figure on the rise was consumer spending on online gambling. It climbed from $228.7m to $308.8m in Delaware.   Delaware Park topped the ranking with $4.2m in revenue, ahead of Dover Downs on $3.6m and the Harrington Raceway with $2.8m.   December igambling revenue was impressive too by amounting $1.1m, up 55.7 per cent compared to December 2020 and also 9.1% higher than $996,629 in November 2021. Player spending also more than doubled from $17.5m in December 2020 to $35.5m in 2021.   Dover Downs led the ranking for December with $259,731 in revenue after players spent $6.4m with the operator. Then came Delaware Park with $255,278 in revenue, despite higher customer spending of $6.8m, while Harrington Raceway saw $183,469 in revenue from $4.3m in wagers. Delaware sports betting revenue hit $11.2m for 2021, a year-on-year rise of 34.4 per cent. Despite the rise from 2020, revenue was down 9.9 per on 2019 when it reached $12.4m.   The total amount wagered was $89m, a 54.4 per cent increase from $57.6m that it reported in 2020. The number of wagers was 2.2 million, a yearly increase of 73 per cent.   Delaware Park sportsbook registered a 33.3 per cent rise in revenue to $6m. The Harrington Raceway sportsbook posted $2.7m in revenue for the year, up 31.4 per cent. Dover Downs sportsbook revenue for the year rose by 41.1 per cent to $2.4m.   No Copyright infringement intended. Video/Photo Unknown Direct for credits/issue or text us +57 3606412 ... | Respect to Photographers & Influencers  
Ireland blocking all gambling payments with credit cards
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City of Dallas revokes poker room permit and the new change of city policy its been called “unfair.”
The Texas Card House in Northwest Dallas received a letter from the city attorney revoking the permit that allows the business to operate, noting that the card room has been “keeping a gambling place,” according to a report from CBS11.   The Texas Card House has been open to the public since 2020, after the city approved the permit. Hundreds of people gather there every day to play poker. This card house doesn’t take a “rake”, a portion of each pot, like casinos do. Instead, players pay $13 per hour to play there. Those rules have allowed the card room to operate within state laws that outlaw gambling. However, Texas poker players have earned a reputation for betting wildly. It’s not uncommon to see thousands of dollars bet on a single hand.   Card rooms in Texas have become especially popular in the poker world, attracting the most popular poker vloggers on YouTube and card players from around the globe. TCH often live streams big games.   City Council member Omar Narvaez, who represents that area of Dallas, has said he supports Texas Card House and called the new change of city policy “unfair.”   The company alleges that they spent about 2-and-a-half years trying to find a location that we could open that the city approved of according to Texas Card House CEO Ryan Crow. In a post on social media, the card room said it expects to "overcome this battle," but believes the process will take a long time.   There are several other card rooms open in Dallas. It’s not clear if those businesses have received similar letters from the city attorney.   No Copyright infringement intended. Video/Photo Unknown Direct for credits/issue or text us +57 3606412 ... | Respect to Photographers & Influencers  
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It is not a different Christmas ... We are the ones who have Changed
Merry Christmas 2020 ... how quickly it’s pronounced, and what a tremendous learning these fourteen letters and four numbers enclose for each of us ...   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the value of being alive Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the value of small Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate not receiving and we do not worry about "giving" Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the pricelessness of a hug Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate not giving value to the material more than to ourselves   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the blessing of the Universe to walk under the moon and take the time to feel the rain on our face   Yes, we have changed, we appreciate now that the rush is only ours, two planets aligned, without any effort ... just in time   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate every moment that we share with those who are no longer present.   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the teaching of who left and whose departure left us a huge space to fill with millions of Thanks!   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate each situation to be solved, which before we called "Problem"   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate each teaching that is manifested to us from the hand of the present   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate that we are rulers of our destiny and that no matter what happens, everything comes to its time: Not before, not after   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate those who have always been there and have helped us without waiting for business   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the greeting of someone who, after a piece of cloth, gives us a smile and reminds us that it was always the best gift   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate that Christmas has always been with us and we can celebrate it regardless of the date, at the end of the day it is an inner state not a fashion   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate that we are all the same ...   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the hubbub that confirms that life is imposed once again   Yes, we have changed, we appreciate the present that it is now ...     German +

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