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There is a huge pent-up demand for games
US commercial gaming revenue totalled $30bn in 2020, a decline of more than 31% year on year, according to the AGA (American Gaming Association’s) commercial Gaming revenue tracker.   “COVID-19 devastated our business and the employees and communities across the country that rely on casino gaming’s success” said AGA president and CEO Bill Miller.   “We have persevered by leading responsible reopening efforts, supporting our employees, and extending a hand to our communities. Still these numbers show the economic realities of COVID-19 and underscore the importance of targeted federal relief and ramped-up vaccine distribution to accelerate gaming’s recovery in 2021”   2020 marked the first market contraction for the US gaming industry since 2014 and the lowest gaming revenue total since 2003. The year ended with some positive Q4, with a 1.7% increase in revenue on the prior quarter. Nevertheless, the nearly $9,2bn in revenue still represented a 17% year over year decrease.   Commercial casinos lost 27% of normal operating days throughout 2020 because of mandated COVID-19 closures and, to a lesser degree, disruptions caused by hurricanes along the Gulf Coast. The impact of COVID-19 on the casino industry extends beyond gaming revenue. Live entertainment, tourism, and meetings and conventions which make up more than half of casino resort revenue in tourist destinations like the Las Vegas Strip all came to standstill in 2020 and are only now starting to reopen.   “Hospitality and travel have been among the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic. I am encouraged by recent bipartisan momentum on Capitol Hill to support these industries, which are crucial to our nation’s full economic recovery” added Miller.   Looking ahead to this year, Miller cited vaccine distribution, responsible reopening, and consumer confidence as reasons for optimism in the coming year.   “There’s huge pent-up demand for gaming and I’m upbeat about the second half of the year in particular. As vaccines roll out, people will be excited to travel, hungry for entertainment, and desperate to get out and have fun again. That’s an environment where gaming will thrive” he stated.   AGA research shows on-in-three American adults plan to visit a casino in 2021 the highest rate since the AGA began tracking last March.  
The street is taken by assault for illegal gambling machines in America
On Monday, the American Gambling Association (AGA) released a white paper highlighting the dangers of unregulated, illegal gambling machines proliferating across the U.S. These illegal gambling machines are not subjected to meaningful testing, licensing, or regulatory standards and are often tied to criminal activity, including money laundering, drug trafficking, and violent crime.   Law enforcement and policymakers need to prioritize robust enforcement of laws to root out illegal and unregulated gambling machines. States and communities must not authorize these machines and continue to erode regulations and permit unnecessary consumer risk. Businesses should actively remove illegal and unregulated games on their properties. The regulated gambling industry and law enforcement communities share concerns about the threat illegal gambling machines pose to communities.   Maintaining the integrity of the gambling industry and continuing to benefit our communities is a top priority of the AGA. Casino gambling is now a legal, regulated industry in 44 states, generating over $261 billion in economic impact and $41 billion in direct tax revenue, supporting more than 1.8 million jobs nationwide. Illegal gambling machines have been found in dozens of states and continue to bypass these laws and regulations, harming communities and consumers nationwide.     No Copyright infringement intended. Video/Photo Unknown Direct for credits/issue or text us +57 3606412 ... | Respect to Photographers & Influencers
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It is not a different Christmas ... We are the ones who have Changed
Merry Christmas 2020 ... how quickly it’s pronounced, and what a tremendous learning these fourteen letters and four numbers enclose for each of us ...   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the value of being alive Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the value of small Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate not receiving and we do not worry about "giving" Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the pricelessness of a hug Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate not giving value to the material more than to ourselves   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the blessing of the Universe to walk under the moon and take the time to feel the rain on our face   Yes, we have changed, we appreciate now that the rush is only ours, two planets aligned, without any effort ... just in time   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate every moment that we share with those who are no longer present.   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the teaching of who left and whose departure left us a huge space to fill with millions of Thanks!   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate each situation to be solved, which before we called "Problem"   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate each teaching that is manifested to us from the hand of the present   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate that we are rulers of our destiny and that no matter what happens, everything comes to its time: Not before, not after   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate those who have always been there and have helped us without waiting for business   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the greeting of someone who, after a piece of cloth, gives us a smile and reminds us that it was always the best gift   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate that Christmas has always been with us and we can celebrate it regardless of the date, at the end of the day it is an inner state not a fashion   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate that we are all the same ...   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the hubbub that confirms that life is imposed once again   Yes, we have changed, we appreciate the present that it is now ...     German +

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