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Where the Gambling Industry will be with the new Government ?
With the arrival of a new President it is normal that all kinds of conjectures are generated as to whether the Gambling Industry will continue, whether the incoming officials see the activity in a good light, whether there will be an increase in taxes or changes in the rules of the game. With the arrival to power of the first leftist leader in Colombia, alarms have been triggered in many sectors of the economy and ours, especially the localized ones, has not been the exception.   It is true that in the Government plan of the elected President Petro "everything is mentioned but nothing is mentioned" and many of the operators have taken the alarmist voice to show a bleak picture that has more to do with the collective imagination than with the cold and present reality, which in my concept could be seen otherwise, the issue of Health for example, which in one of its paragraphs reads:   - "For the whole population I would create a unique and public health system, which does not depend on the payment capacity and which would be focused on urban and rural areas"- and it is known by all that the source of financing of Health is the Gambling Industry , where the casinos contributed in the first quarter of 2022 with 60% of the total of the 170,000 Million Pesos , followed by the games operated by Internet and the other activities that distribute the contribution. In this sense, as I see and as I am sure you are reading this, if you want to comply with the proposal of "health for all", you cannot modify overnight what works and produces; it may be that the management of the resources is different from the current one, but the source that generates those resources must be taken care of, and this is not a matter of discussion and it must be done.   As always when changes occur, whether of a fiscal, operative or regulatory nature, there are those who, without thinking about it, clamor to know what the associations and even Mundo Video have done in this respect, and they are the ones who only appear to debate what has been done and who never contribute, who are not members of any of them and who do what the host fungus does.   The work of the associations is fundamental and the collaboration of everyone in this industry is vital.   May this be an invitation to be more active in the day to day of our industry and nurture it with contributions of all kinds, if we are asking ourselves "Where are the gambling industry with the new government", the answer may be this:    It remains where each and every one of us would like it to be ...     German+  
COVID-19 outbreak won’t stop Macau again
Chief executive Ho Iat Seng has said that there will be no mass closure of casinos amid the latest outbreak of Covid-19 cases in Macau. Although authorities have announced the closure of most kinds of entertainment venues, only those casinos where Covid-19 cases are detected will close.   During a press conference, Seng said: “We agreed with the casinos in 2020 that in case of any new confirmed cases found in a casino, only this casino will suspend operation instead of all casinos.”   He added: “We are continuing to follow this arrangement and principle.”   For now, only the Hotel and Casino Fortuna has been added to the list of Red Code lockdown areas. That came after one of the hotel’s workers reportedly tested positive. The Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ has pointed out that casinos must strictly comply with Covid-19 guidelines issued by the Health Bureau. Some 110 Covid-19 cases were confirmed as of Thursday.   Ho Iat Seng also announced the government would spend MOP10bn (US$1.25bn) in a new round of financial support measures. He said he has been preparing action plans for the pandemic, which will be announced in the following weeks.   He said: “The local economy will only restore to the pre-Covid-19 level when the pandemic in Macau is over when it is over in Mainland China and around the world.   No Copyright infringement intended. Video/Photo Unknown Direct for credits/issue or text us +57 3606412 ... | Respect to Photographers & Influence  
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Poker player banned after using a fraud tournament ticket upheld
A poker player’s banned from casinos in South Dakota was unanimously upheld by the local gambling regulator.   The poker player Rick Burleson (pictured) was seeking to have his named removed from an excluded persons list. The South Dakota Commission on Gambling said no dice.   The commission on Wednesday reportedly rejected the request. Burleson and another poker player, Benjamin Palmer, were placed on the list in March following the late 2021 incident.   (Note: This person is not to be confused with the Ben Palmer who has more than $3 million in lifetime tournament earnings and won a World Poker Tour title in 2019)   “The reason for the exclusion is that you engaged in fraudulent activity in association with a city-wide, Deadwood, poker tournament on or about October 23, 2021, by being aware of Benjamin Palmer’s theft of an Eleven Hundred Dollar poker tournament entry ticket at the Silverado Casino and further assisting Benjamin Palmer after the theft occurred,” a state order said.   An excluded person who goes into a South Dakota casino could face a year in jail and a small fine. Burleson reportedly said he didn’t mean to deceive the casino.   Burleson admitted that Palmer gave the entry ticket to him at Palmer’s house the day before the tournament. The ticket was accepted by the Silverado poker room when Burleson registered. Burleson said he had been playing for several hours when the poker room manager approached him, telling him the ticket was invalid.   “I was not under the impression that this was fraudulent,” Burleson told the commission. He said that Palmer was his financial backer for the event.   An agent “testified that he interviewed and arrested Palmer for his participation in the scheme,” per the report. Palmer admitted to creating the ticket, according to the report.   No Copyright infringement intended. Video/Photo Unknown Direct for credits/issue or text us +57 3606412 ... | Respect to Photographers & Influence  
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It is not a different Christmas ... We are the ones who have Changed
Merry Christmas 2020 ... how quickly it’s pronounced, and what a tremendous learning these fourteen letters and four numbers enclose for each of us ...   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the value of being alive Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the value of small Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate not receiving and we do not worry about "giving" Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the pricelessness of a hug Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate not giving value to the material more than to ourselves   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the blessing of the Universe to walk under the moon and take the time to feel the rain on our face   Yes, we have changed, we appreciate now that the rush is only ours, two planets aligned, without any effort ... just in time   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate every moment that we share with those who are no longer present.   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the teaching of who left and whose departure left us a huge space to fill with millions of Thanks!   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate each situation to be solved, which before we called "Problem"   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate each teaching that is manifested to us from the hand of the present   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate that we are rulers of our destiny and that no matter what happens, everything comes to its time: Not before, not after   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate those who have always been there and have helped us without waiting for business   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the greeting of someone who, after a piece of cloth, gives us a smile and reminds us that it was always the best gift   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate that Christmas has always been with us and we can celebrate it regardless of the date, at the end of the day it is an inner state not a fashion   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate that we are all the same ...   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the hubbub that confirms that life is imposed once again   Yes, we have changed, we appreciate the present that it is now ...     German +

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