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The cameras in the casinos are there to be use
Last week I was buying groceries in a supermarket and at the moment of paying I was not sure if I had given 3 or 4 10k bills, logically I took out the money I had in my wallet and made a quick balance to be sure, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the cashier asked the manager to review the recording to be sure. Immediately we could see between the three of us that she had indeed put 3 bills of the same denomination on the counter, which coincided with the balance I had made of the money I had.   In the Whatsapp groups in which I participate at least once a week some operator uploads a video or image of a robbery he has suffered. Generally, they are used to "ticket" days later the person who is seen in the image breaking into the machine and who leaves the Casino with astonishing serenity, with the CPU or wallet in a bag.   We should ask ourselves if the investment we make in a CCTV is actual or if it is simply a deterrent to late arrivals for employees. It is very important to check if the resolution of the cameras allows us to CLEARLY identify who is committing the crime at that moment, but even more important is to have someone in charge of the CONSTANT monitoring of the rooms to act just in time. With insecurity increasing, it is more than necessary to adopt effective measures to prevent and counteract attacks either to our businesses or against those who work there. On States Casinos and many countries around the World, CCTV it´s a very powerful tool to prevent and react against anybody, which attempt to the Casino profits.   But it is not only about vigilance, let's talk about ethics of not buying STOLEN as many do under the slogan that it is cheap (many operators on several countries – Including Colombia), encouraging the black market for parts, spare parts, locks, cards, memories or any item of illegal origin makes us accomplices of those who were left without the security because they were robbed, who is still paying for some equipment and has no way to operate it because they stole the CPU.   I am not pointing fingers, far from it, but the famous technicians who do everything and sell it cheaper can be a key piece in the boning and handrails of the crime; where do they get their supplies from? Do you know the origin of what they sell?   From the CCTV because they do not connect, if they have several rooms or casinos with each other, and remotely someone watches and gives notice to the place where the robbery is being committed ... let's prevent and act at the time, and then for what ... and having everything at hand.   Let's be aware, at some point it can happen to us and if we continue to buy stolen, the ones really affected will be us
Tasmania government law changes will cost to operators $18M USD per year
Ukraine with new regulations entering into force
New responsible gambling regulations have come into force in Ukraine after their approval by the Ministry of Justice on August 11.   The regulations, published by the national regulator the Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (KRAIL), include bonus limits for existing players. These include a ban on bonuses offered to players because they have lost money.   Under the rules, operators must not “provide players with any bonus payments, and/or providing goods or services through incentives, the provision of which is directly or indirectly due to the losses of a player in a certain game”.   Players in Ukraine’s newly regulated gambling market must be able to see how long they have been gambling and must have the option to set deposit limits and to self-exclude. Operators must train their staff to detect signs of problem gambling.   KRAIL said: “Responsible gambling is a basic principle of organizing and conducting gambling and involves the implementation of measures to prevent and minimize the negative consequences of individual participation in gambling, as well as measures aimed at organizing self-restraint and self-control for players.   The consequence of following the principles of responsible play is to increase the reputation of the organizers among the players.”   Last month, KRAIL was embroiled in controversy after a high-profile member was arrested on suspicion of receiving a $90,000 bribe to grant gambling licenses.   No Copyright infringement intended. Video/Photo Unknown Direct for credits/issue or text us +57 3606412 ... | Respect to Photographers & Influence
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Poker: Is brazil ready for it? Here what you can expect
Brazil forms the largest and most diverse country in South America. The country’s population is among the largest of the entire world, with over 200 million people. Out of this number, around 100,000 people engaged in poker activities and gambling online back in 2006. The number increased to around 4 million as of 2018, showing the people’s determination and need for game legalization, according to Statista.   All the earning realized from the game go to the black market, estimated to be over $8 billion in a single year! Illegal gambling brings in half of the amount, while land-based ventures bring in the remaining half.   Poker in Brazil took shape back in 2009 when the first governing body CBTH became a reality. The organization took upon itself to educate the masses, amassing a lot of positive reputation and respect for the sport. As a result, Poker became a fun game. The best description transformed from a gambling game to a sport that required an individual’s concentration, regular training and ongoing study for improvement! The CBTH was also responsible for the recognition given to Poker in 2012 and its inclusion into the sports category by the Ministry of Sports.   The legalization was long in coming since; Alexandre Gomes had already scooped the WSOP gold bracelet back in 2008. He also took the Bellagio Cup tournament valued as the highest globally, with a cash value of $1.188 million. In the same event, Brazilians went ahead and bagged 2011, 2015, 2019 and 2020. Each of the winners took home more than a million dollars in winnings. The Latin American Tour has also taken interest and has had several tours in the country! The boost from local celebrities in the football industry, such as Neymar and Ronaldo, has further accentuated the need for legalization. It’s apparent that Brazil has become a poker tournament game host with major series making their home and stop in the country.   Brazil is yet to set and execute a workable regulation plan for Poker and other gambling forms. However, with the Latin American Poker Tour and the WSOP Circuit Brazil holding tournament series in the country, it is clear that change is around the corner. However, the country’s talks on legislation and proper regulation for gambling are nowhere near complete. Therefore, more and more people are turning to online gambling as the government has taken no steps towards regulating online gambling!   So far, anyone can play Poker online and can technically be termed as “Free” for any interested parties. Plus, popular providers have few restrictions for Brazilian players making it easier to access online poker rooms. The reason behind the absence of restrictions is that Brazil can become the largest and most diverse “poker and gambling market” in the entire universe. Carving a slice of the pie and tucking it in before other sharks pounce on the market is indeed a wise decision!   No Copyright infringement intended. Video/Photo Unknown Direct for credits/issue or text us +57 3606412 ... | Respect to Photographers & Influence
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It is not a different Christmas ... We are the ones who have Changed
Merry Christmas 2020 ... how quickly it’s pronounced, and what a tremendous learning these fourteen letters and four numbers enclose for each of us ...   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the value of being alive Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the value of small Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate not receiving and we do not worry about "giving" Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the pricelessness of a hug Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate not giving value to the material more than to ourselves   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the blessing of the Universe to walk under the moon and take the time to feel the rain on our face   Yes, we have changed, we appreciate now that the rush is only ours, two planets aligned, without any effort ... just in time   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate every moment that we share with those who are no longer present.   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the teaching of who left and whose departure left us a huge space to fill with millions of Thanks!   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate each situation to be solved, which before we called "Problem"   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate each teaching that is manifested to us from the hand of the present   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate that we are rulers of our destiny and that no matter what happens, everything comes to its time: Not before, not after   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate those who have always been there and have helped us without waiting for business   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the greeting of someone who, after a piece of cloth, gives us a smile and reminds us that it was always the best gift   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate that Christmas has always been with us and we can celebrate it regardless of the date, at the end of the day it is an inner state not a fashion   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate that we are all the same ...   Yes, we have changed, we now appreciate the hubbub that confirms that life is imposed once again   Yes, we have changed, we appreciate the present that it is now ...     German +

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