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¿Politics disguised as efficiency in Coljuegos owing Marsbet´s announcement?
The new presidency of Coljuegos took longer to be appointed than to see the new achievements in regulatory matters, which surprises me given the slowness that the entity demonstrates in other procedures.   And let's get to the point, almost a month ago the Atlético Bucaramanga soccer team printed the Marsbet online casino brand on its shirt as an official sponsor, which is normal since there is no legal impediment that forces a brand to appear anywhere, under the premise that it must have authorization from some regulator, which Coljuegos claims in this case because we are in the …football environment... they say.   Two days ago, on September 25, 2023, Coljuegos published a draft resolution “By which the activities of advertising, sponsorship, promotion or any other form of commercial communication of competitive games are regulated Coljuegos as Administrator of the Rentistic Monopoly of games of luck and chance” as he reads it, he wants to regulate advertising and put limits on investment in it; And I am referring to this efficiency, it took Coljuegos less than a month to issue a resolution against an advertiser, and for 4 months they have had dozens of operators adrift to approve contracts that have years of tradition and that have acquired rights.   I am amazed that they are suggesting that localized game contracts lack clarity, in an absurd witch hunt and false starts to the press; when the entity itself has just been kidnapped and has the door open for a whole avalanche of lawsuits that, I hope will happen, from SPORTS BETTING PLAYERS AND EVERYTHING RELATED, because they never guarded or gave security to the data that each of them they entrusted them to the online gaming operating companies and for which Coljuegos is responsible and must guard by law.   Returning to the efficiency of the regulator, connecting the dots it turns out that the owner of Atlético Bucaramanga is a politician and is aspiring to the mayor of Ocaña -Santander- and we are just a month away from the elections and how "I owe everything to my president Petro " Well, one thing leads to another...bad bad if we are playing the politicized sewer game and this smells like that to me, like shit."   Is there so much pressure you are receiving to prioritize a possible political vendetta over dozens of contracts? Is there so much pressure they are receiving to create a quarantine effect in the localized sector and forget them to dedicate themselves to chance and online gaming exclusively?   The efficient reaction of the entity is so evident that it openly says in article 1 that it wants to regulate the conditions under which operators authorized to operate games of luck and chance can carry out advertising activities... it is impossible to react more clearly to Marsbet's announcement.   I repeat, the efficiency of issuing a resolution is incredible if we have been making Coljuegos understand things as simple as the SCLM or land uses for years, and in just 25 days, new people in the entity understand and regulate something intangible and with as many aspects as advertising?   I am characterized by being poorly thought out, think badly and you will be right.
Super Group adds that despite the exit, full year financial projections are unchanged.
“We are continuously evaluating evolving regulatory landscapes across the many markets we serve,” Super Group CEO Neal Menashe said. “Informed by years of operating our geographically diverse business, we remain confident about the long-term growth opportunities in front of us.” Tax will be applied to the full-face value of a bet, rather than gross gaming revenue (GGR), making it a turnover-based tax. For online gambling, tax will be applied to the full value of all bets placed with operators. Delta Corp, it noted it would ‘pursue all legal remedies available’ against tax claim With land-based casinos, tax will be applicable on the face value of the chips purchased at each venue. With horse racing, tax will be applied on the full value of the bets placed with bookmakers and totalizators.     Super Group says the new rules mean the Indian market no longer commercially viable for the business. As such, it has dropped all services with immediate effect. “This decision will be extremely detrimental to the entire Indian gaming industry, with the GST on deposit increasing liability up to 400-500%, and will lead to lakhs of job losses,” the AIGF said. The new tax rate is the second major change to India’s online gambling market this year. In January, India’s government also published a new set of rules to regulate online gambling. The amendments state any online game offered must not be in violation of any existing laws. These include state-wide gambling bans. Proposals were also set out for self-regulatory bodies. These would comprise online gaming businesses and be responsible for creating rules for the industry.
NFL betting policies are undergoing a major overhaul, commissioner Roger Goodell said in a Friday memo. 
The NFL betting policy, which had been facing criticism, now includes stricter penalties for players wagering on their own team. However, it reduced penalties for players wagering on non-NFL games while at work.  Ten players have been handed various suspensions in 2023 for betting violations dating back to last season. These changes mean that Detroit Lions WR Jameson Williams and Tennessee Titans OL Nick Petit-Frere will be reinstated Monday after serving four-game suspensions. Williams and Petit-Frere had been subject to six-game suspensions for betting on non-NFL games under the previous policy. Dekkers only 20 when he allegedly wagered. “ We are working with the NFL Players Association to develop a program to educate players regarding the changes to the policy and that program will roll out shortly,” Goodell said. Statement on new NFL betting policy A joint statement from the NFL and NFLPA reads:  “ The NFL and NFL Players Association share a longstanding and unwavering commitment to protecting the integrity of the game. The NFL periodically reviews the gambling policy in consultation with the NFLPA and clubs to ensure it is responsive to changing circumstances and fully addresses this commitment.” The 2023 NFL season will begin with 10 players suspended for sports gambling and will end with a Super Bowl played near more than 60 legalized Las Vegas sportsbooks.  Per the new rules:    - Actual or attempted game fixing: permanent banishment from the NFL - Betting on NFL football: indefinite suspension, minimum of one year; becomes minimum of two years if player bets on an NFL game involving his team. - Inside information and tipping: indefinite suspension, minimum of one year - Third party or proxy betting: indefinite suspension, minimum of one year   Lesser NFL betting penalties at work The NFL also changed its policy on players wagering while using team facilities or otherwise ‘on the clock’ for business:    - First violation: two-game suspension without pay. - Second violation: six-game suspension without pay. - Third violation: suspension without pay for at least one year.  
The Future of Gaming in the Mediterranean
Casino gaming in the Mediterranean continues to evolve. Future phases to City of Dreams Mediterranean will continue to attract more gamers from nearby countries.   The operators of City of Dreams Mediterranean (COD Med) held their official grand opening on the island of Cyprus, and to many in the gaming industry it heralded the introduction of the first integrated casino resort in the Mediterranean region.   It was generally assumed by many in the industry, particularly those residing in the United States and East Asia, that prior to the opening, Southern Europe did not offer the kinds of gaming, dining, lodging and entertainment found in Las Vegas, Macau or Singapore, and that the market was, until that point, underserved.   The Mediterranean region had long offered a diverse mix of casino gaming that targets both residents and international visitors. It is home to one of the world’s oldest continuous operating casinos, a wide variety of slot halls and small casinos located in hotels, and some of the world’s most attractive integrated casino resorts.   The casinos in Northern Cyprus continue to invest in what is already an outstanding mix of gaming and lodging products. Tourism volume into Northern Cyprus is expected to get a significant boost with the possibility of new flights from Germany and the United Kingdom.   Also, looming in the not-too-distant future is the $4 billion Wynn Casino Resort in the United Arab Emirates. Any forecast of future gaming revenues in the Southern Mediterranean must factor in these changes. Gambling in the Mediterranean is about to get a lot more interesting.

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