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How important are slots for a casino?
And what about slots players? What about slots players? (Come on, you know where this is going.)   This is what I hear when I hear them say they play the slots. I quote one from last week: "I'm just a slots player." (Alone?) Or two weeks ago: "I only play slots." (Only?)   There is no puffed-up, puffed-chested pride in playing a machine, no sense of achievement or arcane knowledge. You press a button; a decision is reached; you push the button again and that's all you need to know. You are not a member of the aristocracy by doing this. It's just "pressing" the button; wait for a decision and press the button again. That's all there is ? Yes and no.   You will see; the game played by a player is just a game. It has no intrinsic meaning. It is simply what the player thinks it is. Don't you think slots are something? The casino doesn't think so. You are welcome. You are welcome.   You will see that the true value of the slot machine is determined by the casino, not what a player thinks. Are craps players far above the “slots peasant class”? Not precisely. The casino would get rid of all its craps tables before it got rid of all its slot machines.   The casino would get rid of all its roulette games before it got rid of all its slot machines. Yeah, add in blackjack, mini-baccarat, and every other table game, and every single one of them would be kicked out of the gaming house before a casino would release all of its slots.   How important is the slot machine for a casino? The most important game of all. Between 65 and 90 percent of casino revenue comes from those former one-armed bandits, as they've been called since the prohibition era.   There would be no revolution in casinos without slot machines. The world is now full of slot machines, of all varieties and denominations, and when I say the "world", in fact, I mean the "world". There is no casino industry without slot machines. In fact, there are some casinos near me that don't have actual table games. They have purchased fake table game machines that simply imitate live table games. What imitates something is not the thing itself.   And what about slots players? They are the biggest players in the casinos, in the “world” of casinos, and they should know it.   Words like "only" should not apply to any slots player. No sir. A slots player must think of himself as the prime mover of an empire that has surpassed ancient Rome. The casino aristocracy? Go check out the slot aisles and you'll find out!
Pagcor privatization of Casinos on top priority
Alejandro Tengco. The Chairman and CEO of Philippines gaming regulator PAGCOR said Tuesday that he expects the agency to privatize its casino operations arm during his term and focus all of its energies on regulation. In the clearest indication yet that PAGCOR’s dual role as operator and regulator could be coming to an end, Alejandro Tengco explained that the current PAGCOR Board of Directors planned to focus much more on its regulatory role and “hopes to privatize the state-run gaming firm’s self-operated casinos nationwide”, according to a PAGCOR press release. “While we may struggle to be at par facilities-wise, I am of the firm belief that we do not trail behind in terms of skill set and talent pool, the greatest asset PAGCOR has ever had is its human resources. To capitalize on our people is also part of our vision” Tengco added that PAGCOR has been “open to talks about privatization but [has] ensured that the welfare of employees who will be affected by such management decision will be taken into consideration.” The issue of privatizing PAGCOR’s 42 casinos – 10 of them run under the Casino Filipino brand and 32 as pure satellites – has become more prominent in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic with supporters of a sell-off claiming privatization would provide a cash windfall while eliminating a clear conflict of interest. While no plan has yet been formalized on how to offload such a substantial asset base, Tengco said he was confident PAGCOR’s casinos had plenty to offer – despite the growing influence of the Philippines’ licensed casinos in Entertainment City and Clark.  
No doubt today will be a decisive day for gambling industry in Texas
Three bills that seek to legalize Texas sports betting will be heard, for the first time since being introduced, in the House of Representatives State Affairs Committee today. Two of the bills seek to legalize "destination resorts," casino gaming, and sports betting; while the third only seeks to allow online sports betting. Lawmakers will consider the bills and their proposals to place casinos and sports betting on the general election ballot in November 2023.   Each proposal seeks a constitutional amendment for legalization, which would have to be approved by a two-thirds majority in both Texas legislative chambers and by state voters in the November general election.    HJR 155 from Rep. Charlie Geren (R-99) seek to allow destination resorts in major metropolitan areas and legal sports betting, while attempting to revitalize the state’s horse racing and greyhound industry. The proposal calls for the creation of the Texas Gaming Commission to oversee legalized gaming; Senator Carol Alvarado has also filed a bill to expand casino gambling through legislation that would also let voters decide on whether or not to legalize resort-style casino gambling and sports betting, but with different parameters from Geren’s proposal.    For it´s part the State Affairs Committee will also hear Rep. Jeff Leach’s (R-67) HB 1942 and HJR 102 legislation to legalize online sports betting through a constitutional amendment. The legislation is supported by the Texas Sports Betting Alliance, which is comprised of Texas professional sports franchises, sports leagues, racetracks, and sports betting platforms.   No doubt today will be a decisive day for gambling industry in Texas  
The Balearic Islands will have game advertising in airports and tourist areas.
Yesterday the Gambling Law promoted by the Department of Energy Transition directed by Yllanes has been approved in Parliament and the Socialists have included an amendment against their partners from Pacto, Més and Podemos, where "advertising in brochures and publicity is allowed dynamics of the casino and its complementary services in tourist establishments in general, ports and airports".   The argument of the socialists is that between 70% and 90% of the clients of the casinos are tourists and therefore it does not affect the residents. Juan Pedro Yllanes has declared in the rostrum: "I accept that this is the parliamentary game, despite the fact that we do not share this exception. I doubt very much that an airport is the appropriate place and is considered a tourist area, since airports also pass tourists, and they will see the advertising".   The deputy of the PSIB Irene Triay has justified the exception in the fact that the unions had expressed their concern about the jobs. "People work in casinos and the PSIB has always defended the workers," she pointed out.   According to Triay, 70 percent of casino customers in Mallorca are tourists and in Menorca and Ibiza this percentage rises to 90 percent. The deputy concluded by stating that "the enemy is online gambling".   On this, the deputies of United We Can have displayed posters in their seats with the legend "gambling is not a game for residents or tourists."   The PP deputy Sebastià Sagreras has admitted that he "would also be upset" if one of his partners had lowered a law issued by the Government Council. The new regulation increases to 500 meters the distance from game rooms to educational and social health centers, including nurseries, and establishes a minimum distance between premises of 500 meters both in Palma and in the rest of the municipalities, after approving an amendment of The PI.   The rule also sets the ceiling on the current ratio of gambling halls and specific betting venues in the territory of the archipelago, which is limited to the state average of 75 per million inhabitants registered in the autonomous community. The Balearic Islands currently stands at 120 per million inhabitants. The law also regulates the signs and elements that cover the facades of gambling establishments and determines that the most striking ones will have to be removed, reports Europa Press.  
  Coljuegos Regulations
It only starts from scratch once
It only starts from scratch once     I am heartily glad to be sharing with all of you after these crazy months that we have lived, added to what the quarantine left us, this year brought us the shortage of raw materials; if we look ahead, next year, it might not look so good.   But here we are, we have been able to get ahead with our demons and angels, with our laughter and sorrows, with our ups and downs, with our reality!   It is what it is... and that's where we start from; We go wherever we want, towards a new project, towards a new life, towards a new adventure, towards our interior, towards improving what we have, towards being interested in others and their feelings.   When we stop along the way and embody our present, we take control of our future, based on the fact that it only starts from scratch once.   It only starts from scratch once, whoever has fallen and gets up knows what to do to avoid the next one; Those who want to change their destiny know which course to take so as not to continue on the same path. Those who have made a mistake know that by this simple fact their humanity has been revealed, which makes them equal to others and therefore full of opportunities, after everything, we are where we are because of our experiences, it only starts from scratch once.   We can no longer start from scratch, we lead lives becoming what we are today, a constant change, that is the universe and it is the duty of everything, the fear of change will come and test everything we have lived, moving us away from comfort from routine and facing the uncertain and then at that moment we would like to take refuge in the past that was better, but it only starts from scratch once, let life surprise us, we have the baggage.   When we stop along the way and embody our present, we take control of our future, based on the fact that it only starts from scratch once. After all, who wants to suffer again for the past if it no longer exists and knows what to do to avoid falling into the same thing?   If the only thing we have is our experience and the present moment, then we are rich! Rich in knowledge to modify what does not make us happy, we have the gift of making magic and bringing to our present what we choose and accepting what is as it is, with the understanding that we can change a lot when we start that change from ourselves.   I bring these lines from a very good friend who shared them with me and I leave them here so that they accompany us during part of our passage through this life:   "When you can't change something, change yourself. When you can't choose, choose yourself When you can't believe in anything, believe in yourself” … ¡ALWAYS!   It's always a good time to continue, not to start, because you only start from scratch once.

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