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  Baloto (from IGT) the most popular lottery in Colombia it SPREAD by COVID  

Baloto (from IGT) the most popular lottery in Colombia it SPREAD by COVID
Publicado: 2020-11-05

Baloto, is the most popular lottery in Colombia which has already 102 winner since this popular game operates in the country, come to add a significant amount to the value of prizes that by lotteries and raffles Colombians earn each year, an amount that has also been depressed in a pandemic year.

Coljuegos data show that between January and August Colombians have won a little more than 91,151 million Colombian colombian pesos in bets and, of this total, the majority (66,418 million Colombian colombian pesos) have been between dry prizes and others, since in prizes Higher or large accumulated have been delivered this year 24,733 million colombian pesos.

In dry prizes, the value awarded this year is 12,168 million Colombiancolombian pesos and in the category of others the sum exceeds 54,249 million Colombiancolombian pesos.

However, the entity's figures show a 46 percent drop in the first eight months of the year, since in the first eight months of last year the prizes won by those who buy the Ballot or the lottery reached 167,769 million colombianpesos .

The figure does not include the month of April because in that month all the draws were suspended the sales of lotteries, chance and Baloto, but even, without taking into account that month of general closure, the decrease in the value earned is 43 percent , since without counting the fourth month, the amount delivered last year totaled 158,569 million colombian pesos.

According to Coljuegos, this year has seen negative variations in the values ​​delivered with respect to the same month last year.Thus, in January, when the prizes won totaled 15,275 million Colombian colombian pesos, the figure was 66 percent lower than the 45,591 million Colombian colombian pesos awarded in the same period of the previous year.

In February there was a small growth of 4 percent in the winning values ​​by the thousands of bettors throughout the country (they won 20,208 million colombian pesos), but in March the fall in the prizes was 29 percent, month in which the value of these totaled 9,885 million colombian pesos.

But the strongest falls occurred in May and June, months in which no jackpot fell, much less the accumulated Baloto.

In May, the prizes registered by Coljuegos totaled 3,864 million colombian pesos, with a drop of 72 percent compared to the fifth month of 2019, while in June, when the value earned was located in 9,154 million colombian pesos, the fall was of 70 percent when compared to the same month of 2019.

In July, the prizes won by Colombians who seek by chance the solution to their problems and needs totaled 13,131 million colombian pesos, but with a 19 percent drop compared to the seventh month of 2019. Last August, meanwhile, the value reached 19,630 million colombian pesos, growing 3 percent annually.

According to Coljuegos' figures and missing the four-month data, with the 56,500 millioncolombian pesos that will be delivered to the Cali winner, 101,730 million colombian pesos are missing in prize money to equal the value won by Colombians in 2019, which totaled 249,382 millions of colombian pesos.

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Peru: Project to sanction party manipulation goes to the Congressional Justice Commission 

Baloto (from IGT) the most popular lottery in Colombia it SPREAD by COVID

In the Congress of the Republic, Bill No. 06487/2023-CR was presented a few days ago to incorporate the crime of manipulation of sports results into the Penal Code. The initiative of Congresswoman Susel Paredes (Democratic Change – Together for Peru) aims to “guarantee transparency and fair play in sports competitions.”


The text warns that the manipulation of sports results is only considered a very serious administrative infraction according to article 98 of Law No. 28036 on the Promotion and Development of Sports and its amendments.


Peruvian decree formally starts Online betting’s in Peru.


For this reason, it is proposed that "anyone who, directly or indirectly, promises, offers or gives an undue advantage with the objective of altering the result or course of a sports competition, will be punished with a custodial sentence of not less than 3 nor more than 10 years". The same sanction will apply to “anyone who requests or accepts the improper advantage, promise or offer.”


New betting regulation in Peru, here we explain point by point


In addition, it is indicated as an aggravating factor “when the conduct associated with alteration of the sporting result was incurred by the action or omission of an athlete, administrative or sports personnel, coach, referee, agent or representative of athletes, medical personnel, leader of a club, league. or sports federation or other person, who has direct or indirect participation or influence in the activity, event or competition, the custodial sentence will not be less than 4 years. The same will apply if the actions are linked to sports betting acts or their operators intervene.



Why was this proposal presented? According to the text, it is in the face of the “significant increase in supply and demand in the sports betting market” and of companies that offer platforms for online sports betting, “which is why it is necessary to implement prevention measures within the framework.” of the law to sanction conduct that alters or affects the result of sporting events, especially professional soccer in Peru.”


The initiative has Paredes Piqué as its main author and legislators Sigrid Bazán, Luis Kamiche, Isabel Cortez, Ruth Luque and Hamlet Echevarría as co-authors. In addition, it is already in Parliament's Justice and Human Rights Commission for analysis.

Another state that joins sports betting in Brazil. 

Baloto (from IGT) the most popular lottery in Colombia it SPREAD by COVID

Four sports betting companies began to operate legally and regulated in the state of Paraná (Brazil). Governor Darci Piana gave the authorization.


The already authorized firms underwent accreditation as fixed-odd betting operators (AQF), approval of documentation and integration tests of their own systems with the platform contracted by Loterias do Estado do Paraná (Lottopar).



The state received 5 million Brazilian reals ($1,019,680) in subsidies from each operator, who will also pay a 5% royalty and a 1% variable subsidy, in addition to the monthly gross revenue from the sale of bets. Piana stressed that these resources are being invested in “equipment and systems that are used to control operations, ensure that there is no misappropriation of resources, and that no bettor is harmed.”


The companies authorized to offer sports betting in Paraná are Apostau, Bplay, Aposta.La and Pix Bet. There are 4 other companies accredited and authorized by Lottopar and whose authorization depends solely on the payment of the subsidy.

Poker Jackpot comes to the Multipoker system that completes USD 55 million in bets. 

Baloto (from IGT) the most popular lottery in Colombia it SPREAD by COVID

Multipoker continues to make Colombians millionaires; Pasture was again the city where the company managed to support a casino in the delivery of the jackpot; It seems unprecedented that the last four prizes have been awarded there, but it is the very high frequency of play and exclusivity that makes Multipoker's performance at the Casino Carnaval possible.


Luis Eduardo Garro, in the city of Pasto, knew that destiny was smiling on him, and he was going to have a great day of luck, and so it was, he won the jackpot due to his loyalty to the Multipoker system.



The loot that could be taken to his house was a total of $14,848,000.oo (usd 5,000.oo) thanks to the interconnection model between the Multipoker machines, which makes the game very attractive. For the casino's peace of mind, Mundo Video Entertainment paid the entire prize. Becoming the only company that pays the accumulated amount of the machines in the country.



Thanks to the support that Mundo Video Entertainment gives to its clients, it was a great thrill for this casino to be able to deliver such a high prize to its client in Pasto, with the peace of mind of knowing that its finances and operations will not be affected by the disbursement. It has been very helpful to have Multipoker machines in our casinos.


It is incredible that we take the profits, and, in addition, they pay the prize for us,” said Ana María, administrator of the Casino Carnaval de Pasto.

The Economic Affairs Commission (CAE) of the Brazilian Senate will meet today on the agenda, which regulates online sports betting or 'bets'. 

Baloto (from IGT) the most popular lottery in Colombia it SPREAD by COVID

The report on PL 3626/2023 by Senator Angelo Coronel, rapporteur of the text, is expected to be presented yesterday and voted today Tuesday, both in the CAE and in the Senate Plenary. Brazilian media reported that the proposal is being processed simultaneously by the Sports Commission (CEsp), which approved the text on November 8 in the form of a report by Senator Romário.


It should be noted that the project approved by the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies provided for an 18% tax on the income of betting houses. Now, the parliamentarians in charge of the negotiations warned that it is very likely that this percentage will be reduced and differentiated taxation will be applied to companies and bettors.


Currently being debated is a proposal for a 12% tax on the gross income of betting houses and a 15% income tax rate for platform users.


The rapporteur must also maintain the proposal approved by the CEsp on the fixed concession of 30 million Brazilian reais for 5 years for three licenses and eliminate the restrictions on advertising approved by said congressional group.



On this point, Senator Jorge Kajuru (pictured) promised days ago that he will defend the permanence of betting sponsorship in free advertising both on club shirts as well as in the media under contract with betting houses, and without fixed hours. As it must undergo changes, the proposal must be voted on again in the House. The intention of Angelo Coronel and the others involved is that the text also has the support of the deputies.

Stake enters Colombia with his cryptos. 

Baloto (from IGT) the most popular lottery in Colombia it SPREAD by COVID

Stake has taken over the Betfair license that originally entered Colombia in 2020. Coljuegos has certified the legitimacy of the authorization in the Colombian market at least until the end of 2025. Stake is a bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency online casino licensed and regulated by the laws of Curaçao that offers an extensive line of games and sports betting.


It was created in 2017 by Bijan Tehrani and Ed Craven, also founders of casino game provider Easygo. In fact, Stake was conceived and planned in the latter company's offices, located in the business district of Melbourne, Australia.


North Korean hackers were responsible for the theft of $41 million in cryptocurrency from


Colombia was the first South American jurisdiction to regulate the market and Stake has identified it as optimal in its expansion strategy. The objective is to establish itself as a market leader within the next two years.


The operation is ambitious because Colombia should serve as a launching pad for other Latin American jurisdictions. In fact, it maintains agreements with local operators in Mexico and Paraguay, in the latter case taking into consideration that there is a single operator that monopolizes the Betting market.


The first ambassador is the former Argentine soccer player Sergio Agüero, who shares the bill with the Alfa Romeo Formula 1 team.


The theft of 40 million dollars from



On September 10, was the victim of a theft by North Korean hackers who transferred 25 million in cryptocurrencies to several accounts in several countries around the world. co-founder Edward Craven said this was a "sophisticated breach" that exploited a service the casino uses to authorize crypto transactions.

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