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Publicado: 2016-12-05

Next, our writing team has prepared a short summary of the most relevant stuff that has been discussed in the guidance of the operator's portal by Coljuegos.

1. The same user and the same password are used for the procedures of the operator's portal.

The new portal of the operator allows with one user and password to carry out the formalities such as SIPLAFT, the declaration of exploitation rights, transfers of met (slots), the files, the information of the account and the consultancies of the contracts in general.

2. The request for new contracts, extension, renewal, automatic promotional transfers will be made through the operator's portal.

The requests can be filled in the operator portal in the files that are available. * Having as a novelty the automatic transfer through the portal, without needing a resolution and making the modification and update immediately, considering that it is only for this process, stating that the minimum or maximum of the met's (slots) should not be affected or if Is a replacement. The other procedures such as decrease, replacement, increase of the met's (slots) will count on waiting for the approval or issuance of the resolution.

3. At the beginning the portal will show the last 5 vin numbers made by the operator.

The portal will show the last vin number made by the operator and the state in which it is located. Bearing in mind that if it is necessary to have a request, it must be answered by the same means enclosing the requested media.

4. For any procedure to be performed the operator must be up to date with Coljuegos.

5. Promotional information will be posted on the portal.

Promotional activities should be reported to Coljuegos, fulfilling two requirements:

- It must be at the national level.

- The winner will receive his prize for gambling games.

Note: Cash cannot be delivered.


All promotional games must be authorized by Coljuegos, and it has no cost.


In consultations, it will be possible to see SIPLAFT reports year by year and clicking on the bars of each year, it will show a month-by-month history, showing root, date of the vin number, status of report.

7. Inventory

In the queries of the inventory of the contract will be able to visualize, all the elements in the contract, dates of initiation and completion of the same, as well as the active premises. It will allow to see in the option (See Inventory by Contract) a map of Colombia with the points of each city where a room with that contract is active. Allowing to visualize the premises in each city with their respective information. There in each establishment will show me the total per room and the detail of each machine, having as a novelty the visualization of the reports of the online system and the novelties of the met or slot, indicating its number of Vin number and its sale, allowing to download this information in Excel or pdf 

8. Simulators


The portal will count with simulators of exploitation rights, occasional gain and financial statement indicators.

9. Chat service

The new portal will have a chat service to support the operator portal, allowing real-time visualization of the information.


. The information is still being updated.

. You must constantly update the company data.

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Ineffectiveness and politicization of Coljuegos is leading to bankruptcy of casino operators in Colombia. 


There is a lot of concern among gambling and chance entrepreneurs, for example, casinos, about what they have called “the ineffectiveness of Coljuegos,” as they point out that there are nearly 50 paralyzed contracts, and this means that companies cannot operate or make renovations.


This has even led to micro-entrepreneurs having to close their businesses, which means harm to them and lay off employees. The serious thing about this is that the resources of this sector are for health, that is, perhaps the most affected by this situation is the health system.



Coljuegos responded that since Marco Emilio Hincapié (current president) arrived to direct the entity they have "implemented processes to decongest administrative procedures because we found actions that were filed since March and that had not been decided on in substance", specifically, they point out that they have resolved 627 procedures.


But Coljuegos acknowledges that it has made requests or requirements for documentary adjustments and support certificates, procedures that, business owners say, many of them are unnecessary reprocesses.


Furthermore, they claim that in this process they have had requirements from the ITRC and the Comptroller's Office and that they were also victims of the information hacking attack.

Colombia continues in the hands of hackers, information kidnapped for 10 days, Coljuegos. 


Coljuegos. More than ten days have passed since this attack affected several portals such as the Minsalud, the Superintendency, Coljuegos and others. It has not yet been solved and continues to affect several sectors.


Coljuegos, the entity in charge of managing games of chance, is offline and the casinos are not transmitting information, new contracts are not being issued and control of the industry is adrift, Coljuegos is blind. Supersalud the entity in charge of health system in Colombia and who receive money from gambling taxes, which it´s other affected owing the attack move the date to generate the reports from casino operators till Oct 20th -normally must be presented on Sept 10th- and the situation isn´t different on justice sector.



IFX did not foresee security standards, it did not have them and today it has the Government and the Colombians really in check”.


Agricultural exports today are stopped. “They are already taking plan B measures to do them manually, but they have been reduced and exports have mostly stopped in the last week due to the situation. We have hospitals like the cancer hospital that have problems because they used IFX databases,” commented the Minister of Technology (pictured), “this is very serious and we are going to take legal measures,” he pointed out.

Colombian regulator Coljuegos, under cyber-attack; hackers hijack information 


In an alarming turn of events, COLJUEGOS, the gaming regulatory entity in Colombia, finds itself in the middle of a serious cyber challenge. COLJUEGOS' technology services provider, IFX, recently confirmed a cyber-attack and the hijacking of sensitive information by a group of hackers.


This incident has generated concern not only locally but also throughout the region, as it has been revealed that several entities, both in the public and private sectors, in Colombia and other Latin American countries, are affected by the same attack. , by sharing the same service provider that is now under unusual scrutiny.


This digital attack has completely offline and without the possibility of digital attention, procedures, among other matters, to important entities such as the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, the Superintendence of Health, the Superior Council of the Judiciary, the Ministry of Health and Protection Social, in addition to other entities.


The cyber-attack has had an immediate impact on the services provided by COLJUEGOS. The entity was forced to issue an official statement in which it informed the community about the temporary withdrawal of its services. In the statement, COLJUEGOS expressed its deep concern about the situation and assured that it is actively collaborating with IFX to resolve this serious incident.


The full extent of the damage caused by this cyber-attack and the extent of the information hijacking is unknown, leaving many companies and institutions in suspense as their data and operations are affected by this cybersecurity crisis.


Cybersecurity experts are working hard to contain the situation and restore the integrity of affected systems. Meanwhile, COLJUEGOS and the other affected entities are waiting for updates from the provider IFX, who is at the center of this intricate situation.


This incident highlights the growing threat posed by cybercrime today and underlines the importance of more rigorous cybersecurity measures in all organizations. As this news develops, we will continue to provide updates on the progress of the investigations and actions taken to mitigate the effects of this attack on industry and the public sector in Colombia and beyond.

Brazilian sports betting agency to be appointed by the government. 


The rapporteur of the Sports Betting Law Project (PL) in the Chamber of Deputies, Adolfo Viana (PSDB-BA), intends to leave out of the text the creation of a secretariat or inspection agency for the sector, according to CNN in Brazil.


2Billions of minutes consume the Brazilian bettors each month.


Interlocutors cited by CNN about the proposal in the Planalto and in the National Congress indicate that this point will be defined by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), after the approval of the parliamentarians. Thus, this part would remain in the hands of the National Secretariat of Prizes and Betting, linked to the Ministry of Sports.



The new structure would oversee analyzing the documents to approve the accreditation of operators in the country, as well as controlling the volume of transactions and income.

Caixa Brazil will sponsorship 3,500 athletes, from amateurs to high-performance.


Viana planned to deliver the final text of the project at the end of the afternoon on Wednesday, September 6. Despite the expectation, there is still uncertainty about the amount of taxes on bettors and companies, as well as the destination of the revenue collected from betting regulation.


2Billions of minutes consume the Brazilian bettors each month.


The issue was debated in a meeting between the speaker, the Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad, and Ministry technicians. The economic team is negotiating to keep the corporate tax closer to 18 percent, the amount established in the Provisional Measure (MP) that regulated the sector as of July of this year.


On the other hand, parliamentarians insist on reducing the tax to 8%. Participants in the negotiations on the text claim that it is possible to negotiate a tax of between 12% and 14%. Parliamentarians are also working to reduce the personal tax, which is set at 30% for bets over 2,112 reais. To avoid the change, the Treasury points to the principle of priority since the amount follows the 2018 Lottery Law. Now parliamentarians are looking for a legal solution to try to reduce this tax without making the project unviable.


Among parliamentarians there is a feeling that the negotiations, despite having made progress, are more difficult than imagined. For this reason, Adolfo Viana launched a working group on Tuesday to seek dialogue with the Tourism and Sports parties, in addition to trying to end the resistance of evangelicals to the proposal.

Gatexpo is 1 day away from its annual meeting. 

This is a strategic event for the land-based and online gaming industry, given the importance of Colombia as a leader in regulation in Latin America. Bogota, the country's capital, is a business center and a base for national and multinational gaming companies to operate locally and reach markets on the South American continent. The event is held annually in September, the ideal month to acquire equipment, define alliances and add new portfolios in the last four-month period of the year, in a single day of exposure, which is attended by high-ranking businessmen.

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Next, our writing team has prepared a short summary of the most relevant stuff that has be...
Next, our writing team has prepared a short summary of the most relevant stuff that has be...

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