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  New changes on bio security protocols in Colombia for casinos and commercial establishments  

New changes on bio security protocols in Colombia for casinos and commercial establishments
Publicado: 2021-03-04

After almost a year in which Resolution 666 of 2020 generally governed all biosecurity protocols against Covid-19 in Colombia, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection issued a new administrative act with the guidelines in force for pandemic control.


In this regard, the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Fernando Ruiz Gómez, stated that “as scientific evidence has advanced in the management of the COVID-19, there has been a need for changes to the protocols, for this reason resolution 223 of 2021 was issued”.


The resolution was issued on 25 February, and it has new parameters for action to maintain biosecurity.


The ones that will keep up are the use of masks, social distance, hand washing and the importance of ventilated environments are emphasized, whenever possible, doors and windows should be kept open for natural air exchange.


Like the provision of alcohol and disinfectant gel for use in the hands and surfaces that are highly exposed to contact by different people.


However, changes occur in the elimination of compulsory “temperature measure and listing those entering business establishments” the Minister of Health assured. Before casinos and commercial establishments had to not only take notes and contact details of who entered to the establishment but also had to ensure that none entered with higher temperatures than 36,7.


The use of disinfectant carpets and wheels or shoes for reducing the transmission of the virus is not recommended anymore for cleaning and disinfection.


In this way, new changes are expected to be made to the mandatory protocols for casinos, which have one of the stricter protocols in all industries. This will allow these establishments to be respected in the face of the responsibilities that both economics and biosecurity should have taken.

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SCLM+ system in Colombia must be postponed. 

New changes on bio security protocols in Colombia for casinos and commercial establishments

Cornazar, as an entity that brings together a significant number of businessmen, has accompanied the process through which Coljuegos wants to modernize the MET transmission system in Colombia.


Why changing the Online Casino system in Colombia is a bad idea for Coljuegos


During some meetings, the regulatory body has attended to the queries of the operating companies, but the associations view the lack of preparation with serious concern and that is why Cornazar has presented a right of petition where he exposes some points to consider before the date of entry. in force of said project.


It is of great significance to establish a test stage, which can be considered as a pilot for the transmission transition from F18 to X18. In view of the fact that the new configuration for the transmission of the file results in a change in the usual shipping hours from 24 hours to 12 hours, this raise concerns due to the establishments' operating hours, coupled with the fact that the entity does not have 24/7 support that accompanies providers in their transmission difficulties and resolves last-minute problems. It is important to highlight that interconnection providers and even internet system providers do not usually have personnel available 24 hours a day and this increases the risk of non-compliance due to elements beyond the control of the employer, leaving him again exposed to sanctions and a change to the fixed rate that is usually more onerous.


Another concern about the resolution is that it does not have a tangible improvement in the treatment that must be given to the erroneous data that may be generated for different reasons in the transmission, we believe that we have enough historical information for the entity to generate an automatic audit process or even new significant events, which allow in the future to reduce the requirements of the entity and therefore the alerts before the insurance companies of the contracts At the time of loading the information, specifically when the F18 is uploaded and received; file approval, you should be notified.


The entity's platform must be able to alert the SCLM operator and provider of said news, including via API, and allow the receipt of new missing information or, why not, receive that data that was audited and reloaded correctly.


It is therefore in the hands of Coljuegos to listen to the industry and not impose by force and with many shortcomings a project that could ruin its recent certification in ISO 9001 processes.


Coljuegos auctions off the property of a company that owes taxes to the entity. 

New changes on bio security protocols in Colombia for casinos and commercial establishments

Yesterday, May 17, 2023, Coljuegos at 10:00 a.m. began the auction of two properties, which had 7 offers, compliance with the legal requirements being verified one by one.



The virtual diligence had 19 attendees, who for 1 hour and 15 minutes had access to the entire process that was suspended for just over 15 minutes, which took to verify one of the consignments that had been made on behalf of a bidder by a third party. and that after checking against the original receipt, it was accepted warning Mr. Luis Alberto Estupiñan that he should correct the correct name before the bank and the court.




The bidders Diego Luis Rodríguez and Karin Alexandra Gómez were the ones who had the highest offer, which was COP 102,500,000 (USD 22,737) and COP106,530,000 (USD23,631)



Andrea Cruz Alfonso on behalf of Coljuegos was the one who led the auction procedure and awarded Karin Alexandra Gómez the properties M.I2252313 & M.I2253975 as it was the highest position for a total of COP106,530,000.oo(USD23,631.oo), warning the favored party that You must deposit the outstanding balance to cover the total purchase of the properties under penalty of the loss of 50% deposit.


Coljuegos thus made its first auction of an asset seized by debt to the entity and made use of virtuality to carry it out. There was no final hammer blow as usual, but without a doubt it marks a new chapter in the collection, the stage ended at 11:15 a.m. at the Coljuegos offices.

Women's Soccer engine of Sports Betting in Colombia 

New changes on bio security protocols in Colombia for casinos and commercial establishments

Women's soccer in Colombia continues to grow every day, where more fans and companies seek to have a better relationship with the figures of this sport. One of the markets that has noticed this increase in popularity has been that of online betting, a scenario in which during the last year there has been an increase of 15% in bets.


A report confirms that 35% of bets are made by women, while 65% by men. Also highlighting that local teams like: América de Cali, Junior and Millonarios are the Colombian women's soccer teams that receive the most bets.


According to the latest reports from Coljuegos, in the first half of 2022, sales in the betting sector amounted to more than $355 billion pesos, presenting an increase of 104% compared to the same period in 2021, in which only $171 thousand were reported. million pesos, where of these figures, 32% belongs to internet operators.




A market niche that was ignored is the female one and in line with this, operators such as Betsson Colombia, saw the potential and it has been so that they have hired Nicole Regnier and Sara Uribe as brand ambassadors for their betting and online casino fronts. recognized public figures within the sports and entertainment sector. All of the above in order to impact more audiences that are interested in sports and the world of betting.

Without a doubt, the marketing of female figures attracts male bettors by itself, creating a synergy around a sport that is now mixed and gives great results.


Crisis in Coljuegos, has a BABY president in charge Sami Libos Zúñiga 

New changes on bio security protocols in Colombia for casinos and commercial establishments

Through decree 0689 of 2023, the Government accepted the resignation of Roger Carrillo, president of the State Industrial and Commercial Company Administrator of the Rentistic Monopoly of Games of Luck and Chance (Coljuegos). The resignation comes after the government shake-up, and Carrillo, who had been in office for just over two months, was a political quota of the Conservative party, led by Efraín Cepeda.


The new Minister of Finance, Ricardo Bonilla, signed Decree 0689 of 2023 on Friday, May 5, with which Carrillo's departure was finalized. The new director of Coljuegos is the current deputy technical director of the Fiscal Policy Subdirectorate of the Ministry of Finance and will be under the leadership of Coljuegos "while the job holder is appointed and installed without detaching himself from the functions of the position he holds," he added. the decree.



This communication is signed by the new Minister of Finance of Petro, Ricardo Bonilla, which stipulates that from the same Friday, May 5 in which it was issued, Libos will have the responsibility of leading everything related to that entity attached to the Government national.


Sammy Libos has been working with the Ministry of Finance for a long time “By communication dated April 14, 2023, Dr. Roger José Carillo Campo resigned from the position of President of Coljuegos. That in the definitive absence of the owner, it is necessary to provide the job, ”says the decree.

In Colombia announced the creation of the National Social Responsibility Committee 

New changes on bio security protocols in Colombia for casinos and commercial establishments

The Colombian Association of Gaming Operators (Asojuegos) announced the creation of the National Social Responsibility Committee, which was presented yesterday, Wednesday, May 3, in Bogotá, with the participation of various actors from the business sector of that country.


"With the purpose of making visible and promoting the best practices within our organizations, Asojuegos will establish the National Committee for Corporate Social Responsibility, the ideal setting to gather and present to the country the strategies, systems and programs that make the industry one of the most important in the country", they highlighted.


From the association they indicated that the event will have "an agenda that seeks, through four success stories, to contextualize the leaders of Social Responsibility of companies on issues of sustainability and organizational impact."


"In addition, there will be a group workshop that seeks to understand and consolidate the expectations of the participants of this first meeting to end with a roadmap," they detailed.

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New changes on bio security protocols in Colombia for casinos and commercial establishments
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