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 Dublin illegal gambling goes through amusement establishments

Dublin illegal gambling goes through amusement establishments
Published: 2018-06-28

According to Revenue’s definitions, an amusement machine is one that allows players to win “no more than an opportunity to play again” or “to obtain a non-monetary prize” the value of which does not exceed €7.

Once this has been said, various properties in the Dublin city center feature casino-style gaming machines, although are supposed to be amusement site and gambling type machines are banned from being featured in the city.

However, in Dublin there are three proved establishment where this happens Dr Quirkey´s on O’Connell Street, Empire Amusements on Burgh Quay and Amusement City on Westmoreland Street.

The establishments had found a way to converted into a gambling facility with casino-style games such as video poker, roulette, and blackjack their facilities. Also, there were no age checks at the property to ensure that underage customers are prevented from playing the casino-style games featured there (READ SO: GAMBLING IN IRELAND PREPARING A RENOVATION IN THE LAW)

However, the Dr Quirkey´s is owned by one of the richest man from Ireland, Richard Quirke (pictured), he operates casinos with licenses from Ireland’s Revenue (Revenue Commissioners) that are actually only applicable to amusement machines.


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You can not leave without reading this news!

ICE Barcelona gave a tour to attendees to show its facilities, goodbye to other fairs in Spain. 

Dublin illegal gambling goes through amusement establishments

This event was a rare opportunity to explore the facilities and get up close and personal with the details of what promises to be one of the largest events in the gaming and membership industry.

Past weekend, ICE hosted an Orientation Day at Fira Barcelona, giving attendees a first look at what will be the new home of ICE and iGB Affiliate in 2025. During the Orientation Day, attendees were able to tour the spaces that will host next year's event, learn about the characteristics of the venue, and participate in information sessions.




These activities were designed to familiarize participants with the logistics and opportunities the event will offer, ensuring that everyone is prepared to make the most of ICE & iGB Affiliate 2025.

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Better not to impose limits on players so as not to collapse the market, says Netherlands. 

Dublin illegal gambling goes through amusement establishments

The Netherlands’ national Advisory Board on Regulatory Burden (Adviescollege toetsing regeldruk – ATR) has advised against the Ministry of Justice and Security's recently proposed player deposit limit and responsible gaming rules.


According to ATR, the Ministry failed to consider less burdensome alternatives to the mandatory contact moment in cases when players want to increase their personal playing limits, or the proposed closer monitoring of player behavior.


As a result, ATR recommends that the Ministry's new rules, which were scheduled to enter into force in Q4 2024, should not be introduced as currently proposed.


Although this would appear to be good news for the industry, ATR suggests low, non-increasable deposit limits and a total ban on all online gambling advertising as “less burdensome” alternatives for licensed operators.


It is remarkable, to say the least, that an advisory board explicitly intended to protect enterprises, professionals, and citizens against government overregulation would express a preference for even more restrictive rules than originally proposed.


Gibraltar's Minister for Justice, Trade and Industry, Nigel Feetham, gave the opening speech at the Ethical Gambling Forum 2024. 

Dublin illegal gambling goes through amusement establishments

The third Ethical Gambling Forum on the lovely Sunborn in Gibraltar.


Hear from an excellent array of speakers about Safer Gambling & ESG. Our range of experts includes C-Level Executives, Safer Gambling teams, HR officers and a range of experts from many fields across the many subject areas. Get practical advice, case studies and the chance to share your views on the big questions!” This was the campaign with which Gibraltar promoted the event.


Gibraltar meets with the International Olympic Committee and UEFA in Switzerland to discuss match-fixing.


Gibraltar's Minister for Justice, Trade and Industry, Nigel Feetham, gave the opening speech at the Ethical Gambling Forum 2024, highlighting the importance of ethical practices within the gaming sector. In his speech, Feetham emphasized the need for responsible behavior by the regulated sectors (both financial services and gaming) in Gibraltar, which is crucial to maintaining the Rock's reputation and fostering economic growth.



The highlights of his speech were as follows:


It is a very important sector for Gibraltar and is highly valued.

The importance of gaming companies contributing financially to Gibraltar, acting responsibly and maintaining the good reputation of the jurisdiction.

Government support for regulated businesses to expand into international markets (not just the UK) to strengthen economic resilience.

The responsibility of authorized operators to comply with various laws and regulations, including tax and labor regulations.

The emphasis on public benefits derived from taxes [that levy the sector], such as financing education, health, and social services.

A call for a joined-up approach to regulation, focusing on economic contribution, compliance mindset and social commitment.

The importance of trust between the government and the business community, with a strong emphasis on integrity and compliance with ethical issues.

The Minister's support for responsible gaming initiatives, including the University of Gibraltar's Center of Excellence for Responsible Gaming.


Police Make Arrest in $33m ZKasino Crypto Gambling Scam, Seize $12m. 

Dublin illegal gambling goes through amusement establishments


In a press release on Friday, the Netherlands Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD) revealed that it arrested a 26-year-old male on April 29 on suspicion of money laundering, embezzlement, and fraud.

The authorities searched the Dutch national’s residence, seizing assets worth more than €11.4m ($12m), such as a luxury car, real estate, and cryptocurrency. It said that further arrests could be in the cards.


Raising suspicions


The FIOD started looking into ZKasino on April 25 after receiving complaints from people who invested in the blockchain casino project. Investigators worked closely with cryptocurrency exchange Binance’s Financial Crime Compliance and Investigations team to freeze funds.


The FIOD intends to return the money to the victims if they cooperate with the investigation. A Telegram group named “ZKasino Legal Task Force” was set up by people impacted by the scam; the FIOD posted in the channel when the arrest was made.


Investors began to question the legitimacy of ZKasino shortly after the network went live on April 20. More than 10,000 investors had invested 10,515 ETH ($33m) on the promise of earning rewards for their locked-up funds.


The platform’s owners swapped the ETH with its $ZKAS tokens, which they put into the Lido staking protocol. The website also no longer showed a statement saying investors would be guaranteed to receive their returns in ETH. Numerous cryptocurrency exchanges quickly moved to cancel their plans to list the $ZKAS token over these suspicious actions.


Bulgaria changes gambling rules, gambling halls, casinos, and advertising. 

Dublin illegal gambling goes through amusement establishments



Parliament restricted gambling advertising on Tuesday. The texts were adopted unanimously at second reading with 198 votes in favour.

Advertising of gambling is prohibited in radio and television programmes, except for the broadcasting of the draws of the Bulgarian Sports Totalizator and their announcement, in printed works and electronic media, including websites, on state-owned and municipal property and on sites licensed under this law.


It is allowed to advertise gambling on outdoor constructed billboard-type facilities located no less than 300 meters from educational institutions – schools, universities, kindergartens, community centers, playgrounds, etc.

Advertising of gambling is allowed on equipment, sports facilities, sports halls, stadiums and swimming pools, materials or products of sports federations, clubs, associations, and organizations, except on sports equipment, materials or products intended for use by minors.

Gambling with slot machines and in a gaming, casino will only be allowed in settlements with more than 10,000 inhabitants, giving operators a three-year period to bring their operations in line with the adopted changes.





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Dublin illegal gambling goes through amusement establishments
According to Revenue’s definitions, an amusement machine is one that allows players ...
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